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Orange Ballroom Dance Studio

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Ballroom Dancing in Northern Orange County, CaliforniaArthur Murray Dance Studios in Orange is perfect for anyone in North Orange County that wants to learn how to dance or improve their dancing skill. Our dance instructors teach all the classic ballroom dances such as the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and the Viennese Waltz. We also offer dance classes for those who wish to learn Latin styles of dances, Swing or Country Western styles.

With our professional instruction, top-notch facilities and deep roots in the history of ballroom dancing and popular dances, we offer easy to learn and fun dance classes for students of all skill levels. Whether you want to learn a dance for social events, an upcoming wedding or a specific occasion, our dance instructors support your efforts every step of the way.

Our extensive repertoire of dance classes includes classic ballroom styles from the American tradition, as well as popular styles from other traditions throughout the world.  A low-cost first lesson acts as your introduction to the Arthur Murray method. From there, you’re on your way with a customized approach designed to get you up and dancing.

Dance Styles We Teach

At Arthur Murray Studios in Orange, we teach our North Orange County students a variety of dances from a mix of categories. Students can choose to learn a particular dance style such as the Foxtrot or the Waltz, explore an entire category such as ballroom dancing, or mix it up with dance techniques from other styles we offer. After assessing their skill level, dance instructors help students set specific goals and choose the styles and level that’s appropriate for them.

Ballroom Dances

Ballroom Dancing taught at Arthur Murray Dance StudioOur ballroom dance classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn or remaster classical dance styles such as the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot or the Viennese Waltz. The ballroom dancing lessons offered at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Orange are taught in the smooth and standard style of ballroom dancing. Our dancing methods have been considered some of the finest and most elegant forms of dancing from generations of dance enthusiasts.  Our ballroom dance classes offer styles performed in 4/4 time such as the Tango, the Waltz, and the Foxtrot, as well as a lighter, faster dance known as the Quickstep. Two additional smooth and standard dances, the Waltz and the Viennese Waltz, feature a distinctive 3/4 tempo. Whatever their tempo, all the ballroom dance styles in this family share a flowing sense of movement that de-emphasizes movement in the upper body.

Swing & Rhythm Dances

swing dance couple 2All members of the swing and rhythm family of dances place an emphasis on rhythmic movement of the knees, hips and arms. In most cases, the dances here — including the Jitterbug, the Lindy Hop, the Jive, the East Coast Swing and the West Coast Swing — were originally created to accompany the swing jazz music of the big-band era. At Arthur Murray, we teach all of these swing dances, which remain popular in the 21st century. We also teach a partnered version of the Hustle, a beloved, non-swing rhythm dance created in the age of disco.

Latin Dances

Latin dances are a family of popular styles with long-standing roots in the largely tropical regions of Central and South America. They share features that include a high-energy performance style, a lively rhythmic foundation and an emphasis on self-expressive freedom. Instructors at our Orange studio teach several well-known ballroom Latin styles, including the Paso Doble, the Samba, the Rumba and the Cha-Cha. We also feature more informal styles such as the Bolero, the Mambo, the Merengue and the Salsa.

Country Western Dances

Country western dances get their name from their shared origins in folk music traditions that reflect American experiences in the rural south and the frontier West. At Arthur Murray, we teach a broad selection of popular, partnered dances from the country western tradition.  Our curriculum of honky tonk and dancehall favorites includes the Country Shuffle, the Country Swing, the West Coast Swing, the Texas Two-Step, the Progressive Two-Step and the Country Triple.

Specialty Dances

Couple dancing the WaltzSpecialty dances don’t come from a single tradition or school of dance. Instead, they’re the creation of overlapping influences from diverse cultures. While no two dances in the category feature the same influences, common elements include energetic upper or lower body movements, the measured steps found in ballroom styles and the complex rhythms found in Latin or African traditions. At our Orange studio, the selection of specialty dances includes the Nightclub Two-Step, the Argentine Tango, the Zouk and the Bachata.

Reasons for Learning How to Dance

Casual Dancing

learn to dance in social settingsDancing is popular in a broad range of casual social environments, including parties, clubs, honky tonks and dancehalls. If you have some basic dance skills under your belt, you can greatly increase your enjoyment of these festive settings. Typically, casual dance enthusiasts can gain the skills they need with a short, cost-effective course of instruction that focuses primarily on one or two favored styles.

Dancing at a Wedding

learn to dance for your weddingIf you’re getting married, dancing with your new spouse will likely stand as a highlight of your wedding day. With just a few lessons, you can gain the skills you need to make the moment truly special. Some wedding participants favor formal ballroom styles from the smooth and standard family. However, you can also choose a non-ballroom style that reflects less formal tastes.  

Dancing at Special Events

Dancing is a main attraction at a broad range of special or unique events, including ocean cruises, class reunions, seasonal galas and formal parties. If you know the right steps for the occasion, you’ll feel much more like an active participant and increase your overall fun factor. A special event may feature any one of a number of dance styles. You can focus your lessons on one specific style, or learn the basics of several possible options.

Competitive Dancing

dance competitively among other dancersSkilled dancers sometimes like to put their abilities on display at dance competitions. These competitions span all genres of dance, and may include people who prefer ballroom styles or informal styles from any tradition. As a rule, competitive dancers take an extended series of lessons that gradually produce the mastery required to perform at a top level.

The Arthur Murray Method

At Arthur Murray, participants from all walks of life begin their training with an introductory class for only $20 designed to explain the basics of some of the most popular dance styles. After receiving this introduction, you’re free to set up a training program that fits your particular ambitions and requirements. If you’re a casual enthusiast, you can set up a short program that focuses on just one dance, several dances in a single genre or several unrelated dances. If you want a more rigorous dance education, you can choose a longer training program that provides a higher level of proficiency. Dancers interested in competition-level performance can set up an advanced program aimed at long-term mastery.

Arthur Murray is America’s standard bearer for reliable, top-quality dance instruction at a reasonable price. All of our instructors are experienced professionals who thoroughly understand the mechanics of the styles they teach. But, crucially, our instructors go beyond mechanics and communicate a genuine love of the art and joy of dance. This infectious approach draws you into the process and helps transform your training into a fun, rewarding experience.

Bringing Dance to the City of Orange

The City of Orange is a vibrant community of 139,000-plus residents located near Los Angeles in Southern California’s Orange County. The city is well-known for its high proportion of well-preserved homes from the early 20th century. Popular attractions in or near Orange include Knott’s Berry Farm, the Orange County Zoo, Disneyland and Peters Canyon Regional Park. Cultural highlights found in the area include the South Coast Repertory theater troupe, the Pacific Symphony and the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, which hosts world-renowned ballet and theater companies.

Arthur Murray is proud to form part of the social and cultural mix in the City of Orange. Our studio is conveniently located at 1601 E. Lincoln Ave., near the Costa Mesa Freeway. We feature a selection of classes throughout the day — including evening classes held after business hours — and can easily accommodate most schedules. For more information on our $20 introductory lessons, contact us today.

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