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Arthur Murray Torrance Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Centers are renowned for high-quality, affordable dance instruction. That tradition continues at our studio in the City of Torrance, where we combine decades of dancing expertise with a fun, enthusiastic approach that appeals to beginners and advanced students alike.

Whether you want to have some weekend fun with your friends, prepare for a special event, dance at your wedding or learn and perfect competition-level moves, our professionally trained instructors will help you realize your dreams. Our curriculum includes popular styles from all corners of the dance world. And we combine this wide-ranging program with a low-cost introductory class and an instruction plan that you can tailor to your needs. Even if you’re a complete dancing novice, the comprehensive Arthur Murray method will soon have you out on the floor.

Dances We Teach

At the Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we are renowned for teaching the greatest variety of American dances, as well as dances from across the globe with grace, poise and precision. While we stay true to the origin of the dances, we also strive to keep the steps fresh and modern, so that each dance is both timeless and thrilling. Some of our most popular dance lessons include:

Latin Dances

Latin dances have their roots in the vibrant, sun-drenched cultures of Central and South America. They’re known worldwide for their energetic qualities, emphasis on rhythm and an exuberant sense of freedom. At our Torrance studio, our curriculum of informal Latin dances includes the Merengue, Bolero, Salsa and Mambo. We also teach four popular ballroom dances in this style: the Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba and Paso Doble.

Country Western Dances

The country western category features a diverse family of dances with common origins in traditional country music, as well western music and Americanized versions of older folk styles. The original settings for many dances were community gatherings and dance halls, where they often eased the drudgery of life in remote or isolated settlements. We teach a wide variety of partnered country western dances, including the Progressive Two-Step, the Texas Two-Step, the Country Shuffle, the Country Triple, the Country Swing and the West Coast Swing.

Ballroom Dances

Smooth and standard dances get their name because they’re ballroom standards that place an emphasis on smooth, flowing step patterns accompanied by little or no movement in the upper body. At our Torrance studio, we teach two classic styles of these dances — the Foxtrot and the Tango — performed in 4/4 time. We also teach the Waltz and the Viennese Waltz, two classic styles performed in 3/4 time. In addition, we teach the Quickstep, a lighter ballroom style notable for its fast pace.

Swing & Rhythm Dances

All swing and rhythm dance styles are united by their prominent use of coordinated, energetic arm movements and hip and knee bends. The subcategory of swing dances originated during the big band era of jazz music. Enduringly popular dances we teach from this era include the Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, the Jive and the Jitterbug. We also teach a partnered form of the Hustle, a beloved non-swing rhythm dance from the glory days of disco.

Specialty Dances

Specialty dances are a diverse group of mash-up styles that feature elements pulled from several dance traditions. Depending on the style, these elements can include things such as African or Latin rhythms, a high-energy performance style or the formalized steps commonly found in the ballroom. At Arthur Murray Dance Center in Torrance, our curriculum of these exciting, rewarding styles includes the Argentine Tango, the Nightclub Two-Step, the Zouk and the Bachata.

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Reasons To Take Dance Classes

Wedding Dances

Learning how to dance is a common priority for the main participants in an upcoming wedding. If you’re getting married, you may want to focus your training agenda on the basic steps of a formal ballroom style. On the other hand, you may prefer a more modern style that expresses your unique personality or fits a particular wedding theme.

Casual Dancing

For a lot of people, the motivation for learning how to dance is a desire to participate in the lively social scenes found in places such as honky tonks and nightclubs. If you’re a social or casual dancer, you probably don’t need a long or involved course of training. Instead, you can usually meet your needs with a short program of instruction that familiarizes you with the steps to one or two popular dances in your preferred genre.

Dancing at Special Events

Participation in dancing is frequently a big part of important or one-of-a-kind special events, including balls, galas, or other formal parties, class reunions, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and ocean cruises. Depending on the nature of your upcoming event, you may need to learn any one of a large number of dances. If you know that a particular style will be required, you can focus on it in your classes. You can also prepare yourself for the unexpected by learning the essentials of several different styles.

Competitive Dancing

Dancing competitions are popular throughout much of the world. People who perform in these competitions typically rely on an extended course of instruction to raise their skills to a professional or near-professional level. Beginners can make plans for advanced instruction early on in their training. You can also shift over to an advanced track after solidifying your core dance skills.

The Arthur Murray Method

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, all of our students begin with an introductory lesson that outlines the basics of several popular dances. This lesson familiarizes you with your potential dance options, and also helps your expert instructor develop a customized training program that emphasizes your strengths and supports your goals. After the introductory session, the floor is yours. You can focus on just one style and quickly gain enough skills to go dancing at your favorite honky tonk, club or dance hall. Or, if you prefer, you can choose a more detailed approach that results in broad-based dancing proficiency. If you dream of entering formal competitions, you can also set up an advanced training program that builds on your established dance skills.

For more than 100 years, Arthur Murray has represented the pinnacle of American dance instruction. Whatever your level of skill, your classes will always be conducted by a trained professional who understands every aspect of your preferred dance style. In addition to possessing this technical understanding, all of our instructors have a deep love of dance, and know how to transmit that feeling to you as a student. This combination of experience and enthusiasm adds a real feeling of reward and excitement to your journey toward dancing mastery.

Bringing Dance to the City of Torrance

Torrance is a growing city of 147,000-plus residents located in a portion of Los Angeles County called South Bay. The community is known for its abundance of parks, and typically has some of the lowest crime rates in the entire Los Angeles region. Tourists come to Torrance to visit attractions such as the massive Del Amo Fashion Center and the annual Armed Forces Day Parade. The city also has one of the more underrated beaches in the L.A. area. Cultural mainstays of the community include the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, the Torrance Art Museum, Los Cancioneros Master Chorale and the South Bay Ballet.

Arthur Murray is proud to make dance instruction part of the everyday fabric of Torrance’s cultural scene. Our studio is conveniently located at 2521 Pacific Coast Highway, near Torrance Airport. We schedule many of our lessons after standard business hours, and you can typically find a class that fits well into the demands of your daily routine. Call us today for more details on our $20 introductory offer.