We know this is what you guys have really been wanting to know and we are here to give you the inside scoop on what women really want out of their dance partners.

What Woman Really Want

1. Ask

This might seem elementary, but you would be amazed how many times men will start dancing with a woman without even asking her first. This happens particularly in younger dance environments. Others might extend a hand as an invitation, but don’t actually ask “Would you like to dance?” Perhaps, the worst, noticing that a woman would like to dance, but allowing her to sit.

2. The Moves

Despite what most men think, it is not important how many moves you do on the dance floor that impresses a lady and makes her want to dance with you again. In fact, if you don’t dance them comfortably, rattling off new tricks might actually work to your disadvantage. Dance the moves that you feel comfortable with the most, use the newer moves on a teacher or more advanced dancer.

3. Dance to the Lady’s Ability

Similar to the “moves,” if you are dancing with a new partner, start at the beginning and slowly upgrade the difficulty of moves until you find where she is comfortable. If you are a great leader, you might be able to lead a little above her competency, but try to keep it similar to moves you have already been successful with. If you make her feel like she is dancing well, she will accept another dance.

4. Talk while you Dance

It is Social Dancing after all, talking while you dance not only helps you get to know your partner better, it also makes you look like you know what you are doing. All of us strive to feel like a “natural” on the dance floor, talking while you dance makes you look like a pro.

5. Hygiene

Night of dancing can make any of us perspire, if you are more prone to dancing up a sweat, keep a small hand towel or handkerchief handy to clean up. Mouthwash and breath mints will also give you extra points when you are sharing your dance space with your partner.

You now have the secret weapon, use it wisely.