For more than 70 years, Arthur Murray has been perfecting a dance teaching method that makes learning easy and fun. What makes the Arthur Murray Method so effective? Hint: It isn’t a magical technique. It’s a combination of skill-based teaching, progressive development, and special events. Students learn efficiently and have the chance to practice, showcase a choreographed routine, or perform in a competition.

Skill-Based Teaching

Arthur Murray focuses on helping dancers develop the skills needed to get out and dance on any dance floor. The Arthur Murray Method doesn’t just focus on teaching the steps, it is also designed to reinforce knowledge through repetition and application.  This makes learning fun and efficient. Whether a student is interested in taking personal lessons or group classes, that student will learn all the steps and have plenty of opportunities to practice in class and practice sessions.

Progressive Development

Arthur Murray Dance Studios use a scholastic medalist program, so students develop a strong foundation before moving on to more advanced work. Students begin with an introductory or social foundation program, and then progress through associate bronze, full bronze, silver standard, and gold standard programs. Students learn at their own pace, which is critical in our on-demand culture.

Special Events

The Arthur Murray Method goes beyond classroom instruction. Students are also given plenty of opportunities to practice and perfect their skills during special events. Special events are important because they give dancers the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a fun and supportive way.

Practice parties

Whether students are learning to Salsa or perfecting a wedding dance, they’ll need lots of practice. Arthur Murray Dance Studios hold scheduled practice parties on a weekly basis. These parties give students the opportunity to practice in a relaxing and supportive environment. They have fun dancing with other students and instructors while applying what they’ve learned in a realistic atmosphere.

Medal Balls

Arthur Murray medal balls are special gala events where students celebrate their success as they graduate each level of the program. Students get a chance to enjoy everything they’ve learned in a fun and elegant atmosphere. To celebrate their success, they receive a medal as recognition of their achievement.

Showcases and Competitions

Arthur Murray Dance Studios also offer showcases and competitions where students can present choreographed dance routines and develop showmanship and musical expression. Showcases are one-day events that give dancers the chance to perform their routines and to observe other dancers. Competitions are busy multi-day events with agendas full of activities including competitions, dinner dances, and professional shows.

The Arthur Murray Method will Get You Moving

The Arthur Murray Method is more than a single teaching technique. It combines skill-based teaching and progressive development with fun social events to give students the skills and experience they need. Whether the new students are beginners or advanced, this method gets them out on the dance floor as quickly as possible. The Arthur Murray Method will not only equip students with the knowledge they need, it also provides plenty of opportunities to apply what was learned in a real-life environment.