What did your teachers do last weekend?

Dancing of course! Once a year all of the instructors, managers, and Franchisees from Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado get together and participate in a 2-Day training experience called Fall Forum. With over 170 Arthur Murray professionals in attendance, the weekend was full of teaching and dance training all focused on becoming better at their craft.  

Did you know?

Arthur Murray as a company is a network of over 270 studios in over 25 different countries and growing. The only way we work is as a team, which is why Arthur Murray International, along with dedicated Chairpersons in different areas of the world, collaborate and provide training opportunities for all staff to continually grow on a regular basis. The philosophy is that if our Franchisees are successful, the Executives are successful. If the Executives are successful, the teachers are successful. Most importantly, if the teachers are successful then our students are successful. Didn’t realize you were part of something so much bigger did ya?  

Chia Ling selfie with Area 7 staff

Our Featured Presenters

Chia Ling Chang: With her all too adorable Chinese accent, she wooed the crowd with her amazing training on teaching skills, team teaching, and making the process easier for new students as quickly as possible. Chia Ling is the Franchisee of the Lincolnshire, Illinois studio and has been with Arthur Murray Studios for over 16 years. Student Presenters: For the first time ever at a Fall Forum, two students were selected to share their experiences with Arthur Murrays over the years. Bill Bradley from Lake Forest and Jeannette Hanna from Costa Mesa made everyone laugh and cry as they said in their own words how Arthur Murrays has changed their lives. It was a truly special moment of the weekend!  

There Are Some New Judges In Town!


Drew & Krista are Judges!

Drew Miller & Krista Humphrey were presented as Arthur Murray’s newest Certified Examiners. You may have seen them in many of the finals in the Professional Smooth competition but this time they were given a new title: Judge!        

We’re All Mad Here: An Alice & Wonderland Themed Banquet


Riverside wins the Grand Champion Award for the International Dance Festival


Woodland Hills wins Best Costume


Donald Holt wins Best Individual Costume

                The evening was full of Wonderland decor and costumes galore. Many studios in the area even received a few awards. From the International Dance Festival that took place in June, our very own Riverside, took home the Studio Grand Champion Award for their group. The studio with the best costumes went to none other than Woodland Hills! Best Individual Costume went to our own Donald Holt, the Franchisee of the Long Beach Studio!  

We wish the team good luck as they represent Area 7 at Superama!

Meet The All-Stars

What is the All-Stars you may ask? It is a training program, around since the 1950’s, that is held once a year where Arthur Murray staff across the globe are tested on their teaching, communication, and dancing skills. It is designed to continually challenge the status quo and raise standards of good quality teaching and experiences in all of our studios. Staff first compete individually within their studio, then with district, at their Area level, and then lastly as a team at the National Championship Finals at Superama!     This Years Winners Are (Featured Left to Right)… Top Supervisor: Edwin Cabrera from Thousand Oaks Top Counselor: Christina Campbell from Orange Top Administrative Assitant: Charisma Nicholson from Costa Mesa Top Rookie: Mari Neff from Mesa, AZ Top Teachers: Nadia Dib from Thousand Oaks Top Specialist: Joshua Ochoa from Woodland Hills  

What’s Next?

With all of that fabulous training the staff are pumped to bring back all of that knowledge into the studios and cannot wait to kick off the Tournament of Champions Festival that begins next month!