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Arthur Murray Dance Studio near Torrey Pines

Ballroom Dancing in Torrey Pines, CaliforniaSome people are born to be on the dance floor. Others consider it their personal nightmare. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, the staff at our Solana Beach dance studio can help you improve your skills in an accessible and enjoyable way.

We have worked with everyone from award-winning professional dancers to absolute novices who spent their life holding up the wall. All you need to succeed with us is the desire to learn something new. Ready to get started? Give us a call or come by the studio. We love teaching Torrey Pines how to dance.

The Arthur Murray Approach

Our Solana Beach dance studio is not the only studio available to Torrey Pines residents. So, why should you choose us over the competition? Because we are the only studio that offers the Arthur Murray approach.

Your average dance studio focuses strictly on teaching dance movements, especially when working with new dancers. You take their class, they teach you basic steps, and then you are done. They don’t really focus on developing you as a dancer unless you are a professional.

But we focus on this no matter your situation. Why? Because without nurturing the dancer, the dance comes off as robotic and stiff. We want you to look alive. We want you to enjoy dance. Really, why learn to dance if you aren’t having fun?

And in doing this, we build your confidence, which helps you dance better, impress others, and enjoy the moment. We offer a complete, well-rounded experience. And we are able to do this because we offer a comprehensive selection of classes. You can study any style of dance we teach at four different levels or in one-on-one classes. With us, you always get the instruction you need.

The Dance Styles We Teach

We believe in narrowing our focus as instructors and doing what we do very well. So while we don’t teach every style of dance, we are the best at those we do teach. Below are our current offerings at our Solana Beach dance studio.

Ballroom Dances

Ballroom Dancing taught at Arthur Murray Dance StudioWhat is the first style of dance you ever saw? For most of us, it is Ballroom Dance. Whether you first saw it on TV, in a classic Hollywood film, or in a Disney cartoon, this style of dance has been woven into the fabric of our culture. You are certain to fall in love with this style as you learn it. Among these dances we teach are the Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, and the Quickstep.

Latin Dances

This style of dance is passionate, fun, and athletic. So, not only will you learn to dance, but you will get in shape along the way. Now, many people feel intimidated by it because of what they see on TV. Rest assured, we will make certain that the steps we teach are accessible for you. Included amongst the Latin Dances we teach are the Bolero, Rumba, Mambo, Cha-cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Merengue, and Salsa.

Country and Western Dances

This style of dance is ideal for social situations. Hearing the name, you are likely picturing line dancing straight out of 90s honky tonk, but let us assure you that Country and Western dances are so much more. This style is focused on partner dancing, gliding and scooting around the dancefloor. With Arthur Murray, you can learn the Country Western Waltz, Texas Two-Step, Country Shuffle, Country Swing, West Coast Swing, the Progressive Two-Step, and the Country Triple.

Specialty Dances

Couple dancing the WaltzSome of the dances we love don’t quite fit into one category. These dances borrow from multiple styles, creating a fun fusion that we simply cannot pass up. When it comes to these dances, we call them Specialty Dances. Among the specialty dances we teach are the Nightclub Two-Step, Bachata, the Argentine Tango, and the Zouk.

Swing and Rhythm Dances

swing dance couple 2The Arthur Murray team adores all the styles of dance we teach. However, we are named after Arthur Murray, and as thus we are partial to the dance style he played such a key role in popularizing. Plus, it is a great excuse to wear some vintage clothes. We can turn you into a Swing and Rhythm expert with dances such as the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Hustle, and the Jive.

Reasons to Take Dance Lessons

For us, dance is life. We use it at work, for fun, and even dance at home. So for us, no one needs a special reason to take dance lesson. However, many of the students who come to us do so because they have a goal to meet or an event to prepare for. Below are some reasons our Torrey Pines dance students learn with us.

Social Dance

learn to dance in social settingsDance has always been a social act. Since the dawn of time, we have used it as a way to communicate with others and have fun. And you can do this at our Solana Beach dance studio. Take classes with friends, come alone and meet new people, or even attend our monthly dance socials.

Wedding Dance

learn to dance for your weddingMost weddings will have a dance floor as part of the reception. And unfortunately, these dance floors tend to be home to a lot of awkward dancing. If you want to make your dance floor look great, you can take classes with us. We have done lessons for couples, wedding parties, and even all the guests. We can also choreograph a number that will make your wedding video one for the ages.

Special Events Dance

It isn’t just weddings where you encounter dance floors. There are galas, balls, cruises, reunions, and even holiday parties. If you usually spend these events as a wallflower, we can help you enjoy them to the fullest. Why waste time when you could be having fun?

Competitive Dance

dance competitively among other dancersWhether you are a seasoned professional or looking to enter your first competition, we can help. From choreographing routines to just working on showmanship, we do it all. We want to help you achieve your goals, and we will cheer you on the whole way.

Teaching Torrey Pines to Dance

Whether you want to be a better dance or learn to dance for the first time, we are here for you. It all starts with our risk-free, introductory lesson. Allow us to help you discover the joy of dance.

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