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Dance Lessons for Tustin

Ballroom Dancing in Tustin, CaliforniaWhether you just want to have fun dancing with your partner, or want to become a professional dancer, Arthur Murray Dance Centers will get you dancing like a star. With expert instructors and affordable rates, we’re the ideal choice for students of any skill level or ability. Our progressive programs, private lessons, and classes are designed to make learning fast and easy.

The Arthur Murray Approach

Over the past 70 years, Arthur Murray Dance Studios has been perfecting the method of teaching dance. Our method is more than an educational technique. It’s an approach designed to get students excited about dancing from day one. We focus on delivering excellent instruction that is tailored toward your personal goals.   Our program is structured, so all our students get a well-rounded foundation and plenty of opportunities to practice. We used a combination of skill-based instruction, progressive development programs, special events, practice parties, showcases and competitions to equip our students with everything they need to succeed. With our help you’ll be able to master any dance floor.

Dance Styles We Offer

At Arthur Murray Studios, we teach a wide variety of dances including Smooth and Standard Dances, Country Western, Latin, Swing or Specialty dances. Students can focus on learning a single dance, focus on a particular category, or mix it up and learn a little bit of everything.

Ballroom Dances

Ballroom Dancing taught at Arthur Murray Dance StudioArthur Murray Dance Studios a renowned teacher of Smooth and Standard Dances. Arthur Murray himself helped standardize these dances in the 1920s. We teach all the International Standard style dances and American Smooth style dances, including the Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, Waltz, and Viennese Waltz.

Swing and Rhythm Dances

swing dance couple 2The Swing and Rhythm Dances embody the glitz and excitement of swing-era dance music and big bands. These fast and fun dances engage the whole body and get the blood pumping. We teach all the traditional forms, including the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, the Lindy Hop, the Jitterbug, the Jive, and the Hustle.

Latin Dances

Latin Dance is an excellent way to loosen up and let go. These vibrant dances originated in South and Central America as a form of celebration during community gatherings. Today they are international favorites in ballrooms, bars, nightclubs, festivals, and celebrations. We love the invigorating physical and mental challenge of Latin Dance and teach a variety of styles, including the Cha Cha, Bolero, Mambo, Paso Doble, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, and Merengue.

Country Western Dances

Country Western Dance is a favorite dance style at clubs and social events across America. These lively dances have a laid-back feel and are perfect for a fun night out on the town. We focus on partnered dances including the Texas Two-Step, Progressive Two-Step, Country Swing, Country Western Waltz, Country Triple, West Coast Swing, and Country Shuffle.

Specialty Dances

Couple dancing the WaltzSpecialty Dances are patchworks of different cultures, time periods, and styles, which do not conform to strict structures and patterns. They are always evolving and changing with the current trends. We teach a diverse selection of specialty dances including the Argentine Tango, Nightclub Two-Step, Bachata, and the Zouk.

Reasons for Taking Dance Classes

No matter your reasons for taking dance classes, Arthur Murray Dance Studios has a program for you. Our programs go beyond classes. We also have social, performance, and competitive events. Our instructors will help you meet your goals whether you want to be a competitive dancer, social dancer, or just learn some new moves for an upcoming wedding or special occasion.

Social Dance

learn to dance in social settingsIf you’re fond of dancing at clubs and social events, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is a great fit. We teach a variety of social dance styles, including Ballroom, Swing, Country, and Latin. We’ll teach you how to dance with any partner, or if you prefer to dance solo, we also teach a variety of unique dances that do not require a partner. In no time at all, you’ll master the dance floor with confidence.


learn to dance for your weddingDancing is the main event at most weddings. Dance lessons aren’t just for the lucky couple, parents and the wedding party often perform a special dance to celebrate the occasion, and guests are encouraged to dance too. We’ll help you feel confident on the dance floor whether you want to perform a choreographed routine, learn the steps to a romantic waltz, or just join in on the fun instead of watching from the sidelines.

Special Events

Get ready for a special occasion such as a gala, ball, reunion, or festival with dance lessons from Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Whether you’re taking group classes or private lessons, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to dance at practice parties and special events. Our parties are fun and give you a chance to apply what you’ve learned in a real-life atmosphere.

Competitive Dance

dance competitively among other dancersWhether you’re an experienced dancer ready to pursue dancing competitively or a beginner, our dance instructors can get you ready for your performance. We teach more than just dance steps and movements. We also help students with choreography and showmanship, and hold regular events where students can perform and get valuable feedback from instructors so they can perfect their routine.   

About Arthur Murray Dance Programs

Our customized programs and expert instructors help you get the most out of your dance lessons. Our mission is to help you reach your goals, and we welcome students of all skill levels and dance abilities. We want to get everyone out on the dance floor, even if you’re a nervous beginner or have never danced before. To get started, schedule an introductory lesson with us. This first lesson is a great way to get to know our studio and find out which program would be a good fit. You’ll begin dancing right away, and our instructors will assess your needs and help you identify goals.  

Teaching Tustin to Dance

We serve Tustin and all of the greater Orange City community. We schedule classes and lessons after and during regular business hours, so you’re sure to find a convenient time for you. Stop by anytime and ask about our new student special.

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