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Ballroom Dancing in Cerritos, CaliforniaConsummate professional or complete novice—and anywhere in between—if you want to perfect your dancing, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is the place to go. We can help you learn the basic moves, work on your showmanship, and build your confidence. Over our decades in business, we have helped thousands of students become the best dancers they can be, and we want to help you achieve your dreams!

If you call Cerritos home, we are positive that Arthur Murray should be your choice dance studio. With us, you can learn, practice, and perfect your dance skills. Only the best instructors work for us, and they will tailor your program to suit your needs and meet your goals. Beginner or expert, professional or just wanting to have a little fun, our classes will have you gracefully gliding across the dance floor.

The Arthur Murray Approach to Teaching Dance

Grace, movement, balance, rhythm: these aspects are all vital to skilled dance, but they are also just half the story. The other half is you—the dancer. And this is where you can really see the difference between Arthur Murray and other studios.

It might seem strange for a dance studio to say this, but teaching dance moves is easy; it is crafting dancers that is hard. Without fostering the unique qualities that each dancer brings to the dance floor, the practice loses its art and becomes just another form of exercise. Our two-part approach focuses equally on the dance and the dancer, ensuring that the art of dance is not lost in the process.

When you choose us as your Cerritos dance studio, you get to choose your program. We are happy to help you study a specific style, learn a particular dance, or even create a custom menu for you to practice whatever interests you. We teach all classes at multiple levels, so you can begin where you are most comfortable.

Types of Dances We Offer at our Cerritos Dance Studio

For Cerritos residents, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is the perfect place to study dance while having fun! We teach so many different dance styles, you can easily find the one that fits your needs and personality. If you aren’t sure which to learn, we can help you decide. Below are the dances we currently teach our Cerritos dance students.

Ballroom Dances

Ballroom Dancing taught at Arthur Murray Dance StudioDo you adore the Golden Age of Hollywood? Then there is no doubt that you love Smooth and Standard dances. This style of dance featured prominently in classic films, and is all about grace, elegance, and romance. If you have ever watched one of these films and wished you could dance like the stars, you can. All you need to do is take Smooth and Standard dance classes with us. Among the dances we teach from this style are the Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, and the Quickstep.

Latin Dances

These dances get your heart racing. They are a thrill to perform and a thrill to watch, which is why they are big in competitive dance. In addition to be artful, this style of dance is incredibly athletic, which means practicing it will be the most fun you ever had getting in a workout! Included amongst the Latin Dances we teach are the Bolero, Rumba, Mambo, Cha-cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Merengue, and Salsa.

Country and Western Dances

This is just line dancing, right? Not at all! Country and Western dances are fun, elegant, partner dances that have you gliding and scooting across the dance floor. You can use these dances in many different environments, and they are highly social. With Arthur Murray, you can learn the Country Western Waltz, Texas Two-Step, Country Shuffle, Country Swing, West Coast Swing, the Progressive Two-Step, and the Country Triple.

Specialty Dances

Couple dancing the WaltzNot all dances are easy to label. There are many dances that don’t quite fit into other styles of dance, so we term them Specialty Dances. Within this style of dance are numerous, diverse dances that borrow movements from classic dances and modern routines, crafting dances that are fun, unique, and work in any setting. You can use these dances anywhere, from formal galas to the hottest nightclub in the area. And since they borrow from other styles, they are the perfect starting point for branching out into other styles of dance we teach. Among the specialty dances we teach are the Nightclub Two-Step, Bachata, the Argentine Tango, and the Zouk.

Swing and Rhythm Dances

swing dance couple 2While we love every dance we teach, Swing and Rhythm dance classes are pretty special to us. Since Arthur Murray was a pioneer of the dance style and we take our inspiration from him, Swing and Rhythm dances will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We can turn you into a Swing and Rhythm expert with dances such as the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Hustle, and the Jive.

Reasons to Take Dance Classes in Cerritos

As a prominent dance studio, dance is central to our lives. We love dance so much, we don’t think you need to have a special reason to take lessons. Still, many come to us for specific reasons. Below are some of the more common reasons our Cerritos dance students turn to us.

Social Dance

learn to dance in social settingsPeople have been dancing since, well, forever. And that means we were dancing long before there were dance competitions, or even dance floors. The reason we have always danced is that it is fun and social. At our studio, you can come solo and partner up, attend with a partner, or even take classes with a group of friends. We also host dance socials that allow you to meet others in the Cerritos dance community.

Wedding Dances

learn to dance for your weddingEveryone wants their wedding to have a thriving dance floor. But it isn’t always easy to get everyone to let loose and have fun. The team at Arthur Murray can help you get everyone feeling confident on the dance floor. We offer classes for the happy couple, their wedding party, and even all their guests. If you would like, we can even choreograph a special number just for your reception!

Special Events

When people are together and celebrating, dance tends to be a part of the equation. With our help, you can leave your wallflower days behind you. Our instructors can get you ready for your next gala, ball, reunion, cruise, and more.

Competitive Dancing Lessons

dance competitively among other dancersNo matter how experienced you are, we can help you prepare for your next—or first—dance competition. We have helped professionals who have won plenty of competitions as well as those who have never danced in their lives. No matter what your starting point is, we will have you dancing with confidence and skill.

What to Expect from Your Dance Lessons

If you are in Cerritos, Arthur Murray is your dance studio. We take a customized approach so each student gets what they need, not a cookie-cutter class. We never teach the same class twice, and that means your journey towards becoming a better dance will be more than just an education; it will be fun and exciting.

It all starts with your $20 introductory class. This lets you get a feel for our way of teaching without any risk, and it also allows us to learn more about what you need from our program. When the class is over, we will talk to you about what we think works best for you, and you can help us craft your program. Starting on day one, you get the individual attention you need.

Learn to Dance in Cerritos

If you live in Cerritos, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is never more than a quick drive away. You can give us a call or go ahead and come to the studio so we can tell you more about our classes and our new student special. We are so excited to help you learn to dance!

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