When your special day rolls around, you’ll want to make sure your guests have as much fun as possible. Which explains why you might feel anxious if your wedding guests won’t dance once the vows are exchanged. After all, you’ve worked hard on your post-ceremony moves, and ideally, you want everyone to join in.

Worried about guests who won’t dance? Well, you don’t have to be. There are a bunch of time-tested methods to help ensure that the floor stays packed far into the night. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective strategies you can use to motivate the crowd.

Bride dancing

Set an Exciting Vibe

The tone of your wedding reception can have a huge impact on your chances for a jammin’ dance floor.

If things feel too stuffy, you might be encouraging your guests to stay seated. On the other hand, people tend to want to get their groove on when the vibe feels loose and open.

One possibility for setting an exciting mood? Hire a high-energy band that inspires everyone to dance. The style of the band doesn’t really matter, as long as they can help get people on the floor.

wedding dj

Hire a Professional to Handle the Music

With a tight budget in mind, you may decide to provide your own music for your wedding. And why not? You’ve got good musical taste and a playlist to stream crammed full of tunes.

Well, the hard truth is, your do-it-yourself efforts might help keep a lid on your guests’ dancing enthusiasm

There’s a reason why people make their livings as professional DJs. There’s also a reason why wedding bands never go out of style.

Simply put, the pros know how to entertain a crowd. Whether you choose live or recorded music for your wedding, let these experts do their thing.

wedding dance floor

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Space for Dancing

Dance floors at weddings are kind of like Goldilocks deciding where to sleep for the night.

Create a space that’s too small for your assembled guests, and they’ll feel too cramped to get down. Create a space that’s too big, and they may feel too self-conscious to venture out there.

As a happy medium, seasoned wedding planners recommend providing three square feet of room for each pair of dancers. For example, that would equal a 15-ft x 15-ft floor for a guest list of 150. Just scale up or down as needed for the size of your event.

bride and groom dancing

Give Seating Priority to People Who Love to Dance

Chances are you have friends or family who relish the opportunity to dance. On your wedding day, make them your allies in the quest for a dance-friendly environment.

When creating your seating chart, put your known dancers as close to the floor as possible. Once the music starts, they’ll naturally want to get moving. And once they do, they’ll serve as a beacon for those who are more hesitant to strut their stuff.

There’s another great advantage to this approach. Namely, it’ll help any non-dancers on your guest list feel more at ease. Instead of sticking out from the crowd, they can just kick back, relax and enjoy the show.

dj and wedding guests

Ask Your Guests to Pick Some of the Songs

Some people prefer to dance to songs that they know and already like. This makes sense since it adds a level of personal comfort.

To help build interest and expectation before your wedding even starts, consider adding a music poll to your RSVP. You can also do the same thing on your dedicated website for the event.

And don’t worry about your guests going too far with a million different suggestions. Just limit the poll to one or two song selections. The anticipation level will rise, even for guests who don’t have their songs picked.

bride and groom first dance

Don’t Pick a Long First-Dance Song

This idea might be a bit tough to swallow. You’ve worked hard preparing for your first dance, and you want the freedom to pick just the right tune.

But the fact is that a super-long first dance can kill some of the dancing momentum for your guests.

When choosing your song, consider an option that fulfills your dreams will also keeping everyone else raring to go. And remember, with help from a professional instructor, it won’t take long for your dance moves to knock ‘em dead.

Looking to build a dance-happy atmosphere at your wedding? All you need to do is practice your own skills and create an advance plan that’ll get your guests moving. With our help at Arthur Murray, you can do just that in no time.