A Dance to Last
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Learn to dance the right way, the first time at Arthur Murray. Even if you have never danced in your life, you can be dancing within 5 minutes.

The Bride And Groom Can’t Avoid Dancing!

If you are shy because you do not know how to dance, then the pressure of having to dance at a wedding can cause severe anxiety. If you’re the one getting married, people look to you to be the most joyful person there! Most people do not know how to dance apart from raising both arms in the air and moving side to side. When you are called upon to lead the assembly in celebration, what would you do?

The good news is you don’t have to feel insecure when you head out onto the dance floor. There are dance classes you and your wedding party can take to help you learn some important moves for the wedding reception. Imagine how fun it would be to perform a dance number from a classic movie scene, or a famous routine performed by a professional dancer? Your performance would become a cherished memory for years to come! Wouldn’t that feel awesome? With Arthur Murray Dance Studios wedding dance classes, you will surely be able to surprise all in attendance

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Learn to Dance for a Wedding

Do you have a wedding coming up? Does the thought of dancing at the reception leave your stomach in a knot? When you attend a wedding, music and dancing are almost always guaranteed, no matter what culture or type of ceremony it is. Whether you are the best friend, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle or even the bride or groom, you will be expected to dance.

Even if you have two left feet and find it difficult to follow a rhythm, there is no escape from dancing at the wedding. The wedding reception is where the bride, groom and their respective families and friends will come together and participate in various dances. These will typically be the first/bridal dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, the parents dance, the dollar dance and general dancing. Everyone will be expected to dance in some way or another.

Why Arthur Murray Dance Studios for Wedding Dancing?

The instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios can teach you important steps and technicalities to perform a dance. They go at your pace to ensure that you are comfortable at each step. Their ultimate goal is to instill confidence in you so that you become one of the best dancers at the wedding. All along the way, one of Arthur Murray’s professional dance instructors will be there to provide guidance and support as you prepare to make your debut in the world of dance.

As you master each step, your dance instructor will slowly increase the number and type of steps as well as the level of difficulty as you build toward mastery.

Classes are Categorized in Three Levels

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, there are three levels of dancing: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Gold Level

The Gold level is for the selected few who have been taking the dance lessons seriously and have successfully internalized the steps and commands of each dance.

Silver Level

The goal of the Silver level is to increase your dance skill level from competent to intermediate. At this level, you will polish your bronze material and focus on technique and style to achieve a high level of accuracy.

Bronze Level

The Bronze level focuses on the basic steps of each dance. This level will teach you how to become competent on the dance floor.

Arthur Murray has the Best Dance Instructors Available

You can easily obtain dance lessons from any dance studio. But if you’ve taken a class at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, you will quickly discover we are a cut above the rest.

The Arthur Murray franchise is a top-class dance organization, started by dance instructors for dance instructors. Our franchise provides a vast program of seminars, training, ceremonies and competitions for our instructors to participate in. The Arthur Murray organization features some of the best dance instructors in the world. Many of them are sought after for Hollywood movie sets. Arthur Murray’s dance teachers follow a simple mantra, “Our great dance teachers can turn you into a great dancer!”

Arthur Murray offers both Private and Group Dance Lessons

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, the instructors offer both private and group dance lessons to prepare you (or your wedding party) for your wedding. These lessons include all basic steps to important dances like the Cha Cha, Merengue, Foxtrot, Rumba and the Hustle, to name a few. You will get ample opportunity to practice and perfect your dance steps, with a partner or on your own. Group lessons are great, because you can invite your whole wedding party! You and your group can go into your wedding knowing that everyone is on the same page.

The wedding dance event is customized to keep your taste and personality in mind. If you are planning your own wedding, the experts at Arthur Murray will help you pick out the perfect wedding song and also prepare you for the spotlight. All of our lessons are held in private studios, if you have the desire to keep your preparation a secret.

We Make You Feel Comfortable

Whether you are getting married or merely attending as a guest, your new set of dance skills will have you moving comfortably and confidently on the dance floor. Not only will you overcome your internal shyness, but you will also inspire others to join in. If you are single, your future mate may find this as a highly desirable trait. If you are married, your partner will find your new skills sexy!

Don’t forget your new dance skills won’t just be applicable for one upcoming wedding. Your new dance skills will follow you for the rest of your life, including to other weddings, social events, and if you’re single, even your own wedding. These lessons will also help you become flexible and inhibition-free! Within just a couple of dance lessons, you can easily do your own number.

If the wedding is coming up in a few weeks, and you’re absolutely nervous about how to dance, head to your nearest Arthur Murray Dance Studio location and you will be dancing with flair in no time.

Dancing At Your Wedding

With the growing popularity of wedding videos and YouTube, the wedding dance has become more than a rite of passage. Most couples would like to do more than circle dance; some opt for a choreographed slow dance, others prefer something more upbeat. Our professionals are ready to help you, no matter your vision.

Wedding Dance Tips

  • Don’t wait until the last minute, but if you do Arthur Murray can help! As Kathryn Murray said, “We’ll teach you dancing in a hurry!” We know the quickest ways to get you feeling comfortable on the dance floor. We will personalize your dance steps to the bride and groom’s skill level, style and personality.
  • Remember that dance lessons can actually be a stress reliever. Dancing gives you an opportunity to learn a new skill with your spouse to-be and spend some time together. Putting aside an hour of your busy day to dance with your sweetheart will help you reconnect and enjoy your wedding preparations.
  • Bring your song, or we can help you pick it out. Your wedding dance expert can help you pick out a song and the best dance to fit your personality and vision for your big day.
  • Don’t forget about your parents. You may also want to schedule a few lessons with your parents for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son honor dances.

5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make During Their Wedding Dance

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