The Hustle

The Hustle is a dance that has definitely remained popular through the comings and goings of time and trends! It is an upbeat and happy dance that elicits laughter and commands grace. Ever since its surge in popularity from the movie Saturday Night Fever, it has remained one of the most popular dances at weddings and parties. While doing the Hustle, students’ bodies will engage in steps and movements that are in perfect sync with the rhythm and beats of the music.

The teachers at Arthur Murray are as proficient as they are passionate about dancing the Hustle. The instructors can be found in many niches including on movie sets, on Broadway, in partnership with major entertainers and even at world dance events. In fact, many Hollywood blockbusters feature dances that were taught by Arthur Murray instructors. Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, and Scent of a Woman are a few. Why not experience the magic of the Hustle and call Arthur Murray Dance Studios to schedule your first lesson?

What exactly is the Hustle?

The Hustle is danced to pop and contemporary dance music. Its movements are rapid and smooth. In partnered moves, the woman’s steps include constant spinning, while the man repeatedly draws her in and then sends her out. The essential steps of the Hustle involve alternating sets of 2 quick steps and then 2 slow steps. The quick steps require just a half beat, and slow steps require a complete beat. In other words, four steps are made to three music beats. The foot pattern of the Hustle involves two steps forward and two steps backward. The dance commences on the backward step.

The instruction on its various moves and intricacies will be very much defined by the music that is playing. In fact, the song will determine not only the steps and rhythm but the speed of the movements as well. This will help instructors introduce varying levels of difficulty to the dance and help students get their feet wet in the Hustle’s many layers.

History Of The Hustle dance

The Hustle has its roots in Disco, which borrows steps from popular dances likes the Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo and Fox Trot. The Hustle started in 1970 in New York City, and is sometimes called the New York Hustle. The dance has since developed many variations such as solo movements, partnership dances, and line dances for large groups of people. Some of the trendiest Hustle moves were the Swing Hustle or Three-Count, which were popularized by skaters in Malibu and Venice. Even the Tango-Hustle, Basic Hustle, and Latin and Spanish Hustles were frequently used in partnership dances.

However, it wasn’t until John Travolta’s hit movie Saturday Night Fever that doing the Hustle became an “in” thing, especially for men. Even popular songs of that era, such as “Stayin’ Alive” and “More than a Woman” by the Bee Gees and Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” helped popularize the Hustle dance. Today, many years after its conception, the Hustle is still performed and enjoyed, to contemporary dance and pop music of the last two decades.

How We Teach
The Hustle


At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, the instructors understand that the Hustle is a combination of various moves from different dance styles. As a result, it is taught in a free-form style. Students will engage in the Hustle’s various moves in many solos and partnered steps, enabling them to understand and remember the many complex dance steps of this very popular dance style. Our professional, warm, and friendly dance instructors will make you feel confident and comfortable right from the beginning to end of the sessions. We ensure one-on-one personal attention that is tailored as per your personal needs.

To learn the art of Hustle, one needs to practice, especially if you think you have two left feet when it comes to dancing! To get started with this fast-paced dance, students are encouraged to enroll in the Basic Introductory Program at Arthur Murray Dance Studios. During your first lesson, your instructor will use that time with you to assess your level and come up with a plan that best suits you for achieving your goals.

As students master the Hustle’s intricacies, they will gradually move up in difficulty level. The Basic Program is followed by four other levels, Associate Bronze, Full Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all of which reflect an increase in difficulty.

Hustle Over to Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Our Southern California dance studios are designed with space and visibility. Students will have ample room to rehearse and try out new moves. What sets Arthur Murray above other dance studios is our instructors. We employ a group of passionate and well-trained dancers who express their love for dancing in their own enthusiasm and instruction.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios are and continue to be the leading choice for many students who want to learn and master the art of the Hustle dance. If you enjoy disco and contemporary pop and like to engage in fast-paced, rhythmic movements, then the Hustle dance is the perfect fit for you.


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