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Learn Social Dance At Arthur Murray Dance Studio

If you weren’t raised around dance, then most likely dancing in social settings does not come naturally to you. If you find social dancing awkward and intimidating, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is here to help you move beyond your fears of dancing. We believe that anyone can dance, anytime and anywhere. In fact, we encourage it! Arthur Murray offers a fun, friendly environment where everyone – no matter your skill level, coordination, or ability – you can feel comfortable and confident on the dancefloor, at parties, restaurants, street festival performances, nightclubs, and concerts

At Arthur Murray, our Social Dance Program prepares students for social dancing where spontaneous dancing may happen, because you never know when the moment might strike. Social dancing brings a community together, is a form of celebration and joy, keeps your body and mind active, creates a positive attitude, and relieves stress. When the music plays and you feel your foot start to tap, give yourself one of the greatest gifts of life: dance!

Social Dance in All of Life’s Social Settings

Dance happens everywhere. Have you been invited to a party, but felt nervous about what to expect? Have you ever been at a restaurant that featured live music, but hesitated to get up from your table? Do you hear stories from co-workers about their last vacation to New Orleans, Louisiana for Mardi Gras or to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW), where interactive music and dance was a focal point? If you are a member of Meetup, an online network to connect with people near you with similar interests, you will find countless dance communities inviting you to join them at nightclubs or local concerts.

Whether you are out with a group of friends, on a double date, or out solo to meet new people, the desire to socialize is innate within each of us, but having the skills and the courage to get out there takes instruction and practice. Our social dance classes give you the skills to be ready for any genre of music and social setting. Long story short, social dance opportunities await in every direction for you to get out there and bust a move.

Benefits of Social Dance

If you have danced before, even in the privacy of your own home, you can relate to how great dancing makes you feel. Like all art forms, dancing is a creative outlet. It opens the door for you to express your individuality. While our instructors will guide you, they will also tell you there is no one way to dance. There are many sources of inspiration that will enable you to experiment with new ways of moving and growing by learning from other people around you.

Dancing is also an opportunity to explore what you are capable of. Constantly changing movements and styles give you the assurance that your body is a vessel for light and enjoyment. You will lose inhibitions and gain self-confidence. Allowing your body to dance frees your mind from anxiety. Once you feel the beat of the music, self-criticism lifts and stress melts away. Your body and mind crave the opportunity to move and be active, and dancing is the best way we have found to keep your body and brain active. The social interaction allows you to exercise in a new, different capacity that develops social skills and makes you feel good!

Social Dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Dance lessons at Arthur Murray Studios offer a fun, fresh approach to learning to dance in any social setting. Taking social dance lessons and participating in our social events are a way to escape from your daily grind and plunge into a world of inspiration, energy and enjoyment. 

We can help you turn your mundane night out on the town into a night to remember. Our instructors will guide you in selecting songs, dances and routines that you are comfortable with. We will help you look natural and confident in no time! Depending on the amount of time you commit to practice, our skilled and patient instructors will dance one-on-one with you to a tailored routine, or help you learn to improvise.

Our dance socials have a party-like atmosphere, where dancing is fun! The parties at Arthur Murray allow you to practice what you have learned during private or group lessons. Meeting and dancing with other students and instructors will teach you how to have a good time on any dancefloor. We practice social dance to every music genre from contemporary Hip Hop or Pop music, as you would hear it in a club to Zydeco or Bluegrass music heard at festivals or live concert venues.

Everyone is welcome at our social dance events – from beginners to advanced dancers. Come early to take a lesson and add to your collection of moves. Our instructors look forward to meeting you and learning your style to help prepare you for that special, planned event or spontaneous outing, so it is as magical and fun as you want it to be.

The Gift of Social Dance At Arthur Murray

An Arthur Murray Dance Studio is more than a dance studio; it is a culture and a way of life. Maybe you are just looking for a new hobby, have a weekly date night, or find a place to meet new people. No matter the reason, dancing socially will undoubtedly give you a family of support. Couples, singles, teens, senior citizens, working professionals and lost souls: you are welcome! Let us help you reveal the dancer within you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to Social Dance.

Depending on your dancing goals, we will arrange for the most suitable instructors and environment for you. We are always open for tours, so do not hesitate to come by. We look forward to beginning this wild ride with you, and promise you will not regret it!

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