weddingOnce you’ve found your perfect man, it’s time to find that perfect dress. Your dress will set the tone for your venue, flowers, and even music. Here are a few tips from our bridal experts at Arthur Murray.

Length of Dress- Whether you choose between a Tea length dress or a Ballgown will play a big part in your mobility for the day. Make sure that you can walk forward, back and side to side without catching a heel on the fabric. If you have a train, practice changes of direction while you walk. You may also want to try having someone walk along next to you and behind you to insure you won’t be stopped in your tracks by your wedding entourage.

To Bustle or Not to Bustle- Make sure that you have your Maid of Honor, Mother of the Bride and one additional Bridesmaid learn how to bustle your dress. With all of the hubbub of the day it is hard to keep track of everyone. Knowing that 3 people can bustle you will relieve stress. If you are planning to dance during your reception, practice taking longer steps in the exercise from above. If you catch fabric, you may need to 1) Get taller shoes 2) Reduce length of the dress 3) Add a petticoat underneath the dress to make it poof out more so that you don’t step on the dress.

Neckline- There are so many options from strapless to bateau necklines to personalize every bride’s style. Keep in mind your range of motion when you order your size. Make sure you can get your arms over your head for your bouquet toss and for dancing during your reception.

Shoes- Many brides opt for a stiletto shoe for both style and to reduce the amount of alternations done to the bottom of the dress. But how long can you really wear them for? If you don’t typically wear tall high heels on a daily basis while standing for hours on end, this might not be the best way to go. Taking off your shoes during the reception will make you prone to stepping on your dress, as will guests that are close to you. Consider shorter heels, or even a ballroom dancing shoe! Dance high heels were made to move in, unlike many bridal brands, and come in many sparkly varieties.

Fittings- When it is time for your final fitting make sure to bring your shoes, your undergarments, jewelry and veil. Now put your hands up in the air and jump around. If anything moves or catches, now is the time to fix it. Many brides with strapless dresses may find that they actually need their dress to be just a little tighter up top to insure nothing pops out.

When to wear your veil- Veils look beautiful in pictures, but your wedding dance and reception might not be a good time to wear it since you may be spinning and twirling throughout the night. Make sure that your hairstyle is versatile to accommodate a with-and-without veil look. Keep it nearby though so you can put it back on before your cake cutting for pictures!