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Arthur Murray Santa Barbara Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studios is your premier choice in Santa Barbara for dance lessons of the highest quality with affordable rates.

We are home to the best instructors and dance styles to make you the dancer of your dreams. Whether you are a newcomer or have prior dance experience, wish to dance socially or competitively, dancing solo or with a partner, we here at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Santa Barbara will craft the perfect lessons tailored just for you. Our passion for the art of dance is only matched by our enthusiasm for our students. Come celebrate an active lifestyle with us, and let us show you why our one hundred years in the dance industry makes us the best choice for your lessons.

Dances We Teach

At the Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we are renowned for teaching the greatest variety of American dances, as well as dances from across the globe with grace, poise and precision. While we stay true to the origin of the dances, we also strive to keep the steps fresh and modern, so that each dance is both timeless and thrilling. Some of our most popular dance lessons include:

Latin Dances

American Rhythm and International Latin dance categories instill dancers with some of the most fundamental, as well as unique, dance steps. The Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Salsa, Paso Doble, Jitterbug and Merengue are just some examples of dances we teach in these categories. These fun and exotic dances will have your sense of timing and rhythm finely tuned in no time.

Country Western Dances

Perfect for dancing at social events or competitions, our Country Western dance offerings include the Progressive Two-Step, the Country Western Waltz, Country Shuffle and the West Coast Swing. The quick footwork and constant push and pull actions with your partner will bring plenty of light-hearted joy to your day.

Ballroom Dances

Filled with precise technique and classic elegance, dance lessons we offer under the International Standard and Smooth American categories include the Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep and the Tango. The grand, sweeping steps taught while doing these dances will improve your balance and coordination, and you’ll look great doing it, too!

Swing & Rhythm Dances

With origins in the swing jazz music styles of New York in the 1920’s, it is no wonder that these dances naturally incorporate quick legwork, twirls, hip movements and energetic acrobatics. Making their way across the country to California, Swing and Rhythm Dances picked up influence from beach culture. Swing dances we teach include the East Coast Swing, the West Coast Swing, the Jitterbug, the Jive and the Lindy Hop. We also teach the Hustle, a Rhythm Dance with roots in Disco.

Specialty Dances

Though they cannot be categorized under the aforementioned dance classifications, these dances are some of our most popular classes we offer here at Arthur Murray Dance Studios. These Specialty Dances include the Polka, Slow Dance, Nightclub 2-Step and the Argentine Tango, all of which put a fun and modern spin on classic dance steps and offer some of the best coordinated movements for use at social functions.

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Reasons To Take Dance Classes

Wedding Dances

For some people, dance lessons are an important prelude to participation in a single memorable event: a wedding. If you’re preparing for your big day, you also may just need to learn a few steps, especially if you prefer to perform an informal dance at your wedding. However, your focus may shift to more formal dance styles that suit a traditional wedding environment.

Casual Dancing

Some people just want to pick up a few basic dance moves so they can participate more fully in social events, or join the fun at the local club or honky tonk. If you’re a casual enthusiast, you want solid results without dedicating a lot of time to the learning process. You also want to avoid spending money unnecessarily on a longer dance course.

Dancing at Special Events

Other types of rare or festive occasions also frequently call for solid dance skills. Examples of these special events include reunions, balls or galas, cruise ship trips and bar/bat mitzvahs. The type of dance you need to learn for a special occasion may vary according to specific event. No matter which dance style is on the agenda, professional training will set you on the right course.

Competitive Dancing

Some people who already have a solid foundation in dance decide to build on their skill set in order to participate in organized competitions. In addition, some new dance enthusiasts know early on that they eventually want to develop competition-level abilities. If you fall into either one of these categories, you’ll usually sign up for a longer program of classes, or take an advanced course that focuses on one style or several related styles. Ballroom dancers are especially prone to developing the competition bug.

Reasons to Take Dance Classes with Us

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Santa Barbara, our friendly and talented dance instructors will make sure you have the very best dance experience from the moment you enter the door. We are happy to have you with us, and we will strive to make you comfortable and excited to dance. No matter what skill level you are currently at and what you wish to achieve, we will help you achieve your dance goals at your pace. With a New Student Discount Rate of only $40, you will get a sample lesson as well as a professional consultation to help you determine your future with us. We will assess your skill level and help you choose a path that is perfect for you. Feel free to consult the events calendar on our website in order to peruse our fantastic Group Lessons and Party Sessions schedule and contact us to join up at any time.

Arthur Murray has a well-deserved reputation as the gold standard in affordable, high-quality dance instruction. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, you will always receive training from a professional teacher who knows dance inside and out. Just as importantly, our instructors specialize in communicating their extensive knowledge in a fun, inspiring fashion that instills confidence and lets you know you’re firmly on the path to dancing competence and, eventually, dancing mastery.

Bringing the Joy of Dance to Santa Barbara

Our newly remodeled dance studio in beautiful, historic Santa Barbara is the ideal location to take lessons with us and foster your love of dance. Santa Barbara is a popular California coastal city with Spanish colonial-style architecture gracing its landscape. Along with our Mediterranean-like climate, Santa Barbara’s Pacific Coast location offers upscale dining and shopping options for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. Blending in perfectly with the natural charm and elegance of the city, our Arthur Murray Dance Studio is conveniently located on the main thoroughfare to downtown Santa Barbara, with plenty of parking available adjacent to the studio. Please call us at 805-319-4161 to arrange a consultation, or feel free to stop by our stunning studio at 222 W. Carrillo Street # C.