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Arthur Murray Dance Studios is Your Location for Salsa!

Get ready for a night out on the town like you have never experienced before. A spicy night of Salsa dancing is easy to find right in your own neighborhood! The music, the movement, and the atmosphere are all waiting for you at your nearest Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Beginner through advanced, we provide a thorough program to help you master Salsa. Our passionate instructors will take you through the process of learning the culture and footwork that inspires Salsa Dance worldwide.

Salsa Dancing – Origin and Definition

Salsa dance has deep Latin roots inspired by various cultures, mainly Cuban and Puerto Rican. This rich cultural background expresses itself clearly as partners move together as one in the Salsa dance. Salsa as we know it today, however, originated later in history than most people realize. The swinging 70’s in popular New York City ushered in the dance we are now familiar with.

While an American origin may be specified, the art of Salsa should be considered a gift from a conglomeration of immigrants in the area. The variations, however, are complicated and widespread. Different masters specialize in different forms of Salsa connected to specific regions and periods of origin. New York, Los Angeles, and Cuban styles are a few of the many expressions available. Each form adds its own beauty and technique to the dance world.

The name Salsa lacks a definitive etymology, but implies spice and variety like its dietary counterpart. Over the years, Salsa has come to be considered one of the more provocative ballroom dances. While associated with a certain Latin persona, proper Salsa dance still maintains strict and precise technical expectations. However, Salsa is very unique in presentation as spontaneous and free. The final version you see on the dance floor at a competition is the result of determination and serious study. Salsa lessons can help you improve, while adding an exciting experience to your week.

Learning Salsa at Arthur Murray Studios

Salsa is exciting to watch with its many turns and colorful costumes. Experienced competitors and professionals work tirelessly to present the dance as effortlessly as possible. At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, you can expect a thorough education and focus on basic technique to enhance your knowledge and precision while studying Salsa. Many students come in as adults with little or no dance experience. Learning dance at Arthur Murray is more than a classroom experience, it is also a social gathering. As you are learning in our group or private classes, other opportunities become available to you. We offer regular activities for our students that focus on having fun while practicing your new craft. You can train for competitions as well. Our professionals are trained to work with all levels of dancers and will accommodate your needs and goals.

The Salsa experience should promote a positive self image in the student. You can and will be a successful dancer with hard work and proper instruction. The experience of learning dance will add to your confidence, and enrich your life. Salsa and other dance forms also add to your exercise routines in a fun and creative way. Come to Arthur Murray Dance Studios, and get ready to surprise yourself while you get healthy. Dance is an excellent way to express yourself while working out.

A solid dance foundation in Salsa can prepare you to learn many dances. At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we want to instill an appreciation of the art of dance while making your experience an enjoyable part of your schedule. If our lessons are not a favorite part of your week, we aren’t doing our job! Salsa lessons are a great option for couples trying to find an activity to do together. For singles, classes at our studios are a great way to meet new friends. Conveniently located in neighborhoods around the country, learning to dance has never been so simple.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios is a Unique Place to Learn Dance

Arthur Murray Dance Studios offers a variety of dance lessons geared towards an enjoyable experience combined with a precise knowledge of technique. Group classes add an element of social activity while achieving an adequate workout. Whether you have a sincere interest in excelling in dance or just want to prepare for an event such as a wedding, our studios can accommodate your needs. Instruction levels range from basic to advanced. Early classes can be as simple as introducing the basics of dance in general, while advanced classes can help you to focus on a specific dance or technique.

If you are part of a large family, school, or office group looking for a new experience, Salsa lessons will give everyone in your group an exciting time while helping to forge a group bond. We can prepare your group for any occasion. Wedding parties are an especially fun group to attend classes with. Wedding guests will be surprised when they see your party’s mastery of dance; your fellow family members will find themselves impressed and entertained at the family reunion with a Salsa presentation as well. We offer classes to achieve these types of goals. Come in and discuss your needs and let us help you find the right learning opportunity for your group.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios know that social activity is a major attraction for many dance students. We have an ongoing calendar of activities to participate in other than your basic classes. Be prepared to have many fun nights out while gaining more dance expertise. Social activity, a new skill, and exercise all rolled into one exciting package is what you can expect from participation at Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

Visit the Locations tab at the top of this site to find a location to participate in our classes. Your introductory lesson is only $20, and is designed to help you understand what level you will start out at. You really have nothing to lose. Feel free to visit our studios in person to get a better idea of how we run our classes. Salsa dance is a big part of the dance community and we want to help you realize your potential. Whether you want to learn for fun, or desire a more serious approach, Arthur Murray can accommodate your dance needs.

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