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Arthur Murray is the Best Dance Studio in Riverside

Dance is restorative, kind, interactive and motivating. Arthur Murray is a dance studio dedicated to helping everyone with the desire to learn dance.

Our training is grounded in deep artistic and traditional engagement. Arthur Murray’s repertoire of 30 dances from countries all over the world draws from a variety of humanities and celebrated traditions. Arthur Murray was founded in 1912 and today there are over 260 Arthur Murray Dance Studios in 21 countries. We are instrumental in spreading the appeal of dance throughout the world.  

Dancing can take time and dedication, but our elite instructors combine individual training schedules with fun group lessons and social events to meet each dancer at his or her level. With an increase in confidence and comfort after your very first dance lesson, you can continue coming as frequently or as seldom as you like to meet your goal. We can teach you moves to bring to a night out at the club or to your best friend’s wedding. Riverside is an energetic city, and there is no better time to get out and enjoy yourself.

Dances We Teach

We teach a wide range of dance styles that are sure to suit any taste. Whether you are looking to glide across the dance floor like a silver screen icon, spice things up with a Latin vibe, or scoot across a country western dance floor, we have a class you’ll love. We offer classes in Smooth and Standard Dances, Latin, Swing and Rhythm, Country Western and Specialty dance styles.

Latin Dances

For centuries, Latin Dance has been a form of ritualized dance around community and celebration. From Central and South America, Latin Dance roots are profound in rhythm that calls for creativity and lively flair. They involve enthusiastic hip action and semi-closed or closed frames between partners. The different types of ballroom and social dance styles Arthur Murray teaches include: Salsa, Bolero, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Paso Doble, Rumba and Samba

Country Western Dances

Country Western Dance is a modern collection of lively dance styles with strong ties to history and the dance traditions of western saloons, dance halls, and honky tonks. Originally brought to America by European settlers, the dance is informal and flat footed, with sashays. We focus on country western partner dances, which differ from group line dances. We teach the Texas Two-Step, Progressive Two-Step, Country Western Waltz, Country Swing, Country Triple, Country Shuffle, and West Coast Swing.

Ballroom Dances

The Smooth and Standard Dance family share a common style: flowing elegance. Their distinct signature is the same smooth elegance you would experience in a formal ballroom or professional competition. The Smooth and Standard Dances that we teach are Tango, Waltz, Vietnamese Waltz, Quickstep and the Foxtrot.

Swing & Rhythm Dances

All Swing Dance is a rhythm dance, but not all Rhythm Dance is swing. This family of dances originated in the United States in 1920’s as a complement to the common swing music performed by ballroom jazz bands. Movements in these dances include waving arms, swaying hips, and flexible knees. At Arthur Murray, we teach East and West Coast Swing, the Hustle, Jitterbug, Lindy, and the Jive.

Specialty Dances

These dances have roots in well-established disciplines and are constantly evolving to follow current trends. They fuse African beats, Latino flamboyance and energy, and classic ballroom. Some are partner centered, while others incorporate personal interpretations. Some are casual and some are more formal. The Specialty Dances that we teach in Riverside include Argentine Tango, the Bachata, the Nightclub Two-Step and the Zouk.

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Reasons To Take Dance Classes

Wedding Dances

Your “big day” is just around the corner, so come to Arthur Murray to learn or choreograph the dance you want to dance for the first time as a married couple. We can teach you basic, classic steps or an intricate production to stun your guests. You will look effortless and in love on the dance floor. Guests of the bride and groom also seek out our instruction for tips to have fun dancing at a wedding.

Social Dancing

Social Dancing means learning basic dance skills that greatly increase your confidence at parties, clubs, dancehalls and other festive settings. Social Dancing is the quickest most affordable way to introduce dance to your life. Social Dance involves dancing with your eyes, your head, and your whole body in a way that you will find comes natural to you. Our encouraging, highly-trained instructors will give you the skills you need for Social Dance with just one lesson, with the option to continue as often as you want based on your dance goals!

Dancing at Special Events

There is a lot to celebrate in Riverside, whether it is a upcoming reunion, a gala or ball, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or a holiday party. Special events are a huge part of our culture and something that you do not want to sit out. At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we will give you the skills to enjoy any special occasion and feel confident in partner dances.

Competitive Dancing

With the extended series of lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, skilled dancers can produce the mastery required to perform at top levels. Competitive dance includes all types of dance, such as ballroom styles or more informal styles. Everyone has the ability to develop the skills and motivation for competition. Arthur Murray keeps competitive dancing fun, but will challenge you to reach your greatest potential.

Arthur Murray’s Dance Program

Dancing offers a myriad of benefits including a means to build self-esteem, a great way to exercise, an increase in flexibility, improved strength, lower blood pressure, and enhanced grace and poise. Whether you want to meet new people with ease or get into physical shape, Arthur Murray makes it easier than ever to get started. Just contact us for your $20 introductory dance lesson, and let us amaze you by unlocking your dance potential. We offer a wide variety of class times to accommodate your busy schedule, and we welcome dancers of all levels and interests to the studio.

Arthur Murray follows a teaching model that is student-led. You pick the dance style that interests you most and our expert instructors will work with you to design lessons that will get you to the levels you want. With step-by-step instruction, dancers are able to slowly build upon their dancing knowledge and movements at their own pace. Our instructors are passionate and highly-trained to meet you where you are to help you become the dancer you envision.

Arthur Murray is the Best in Dance in Riverside!

Riverside is rife with arts, culture and history. It was founded in early 1872 as the birthplace of California’s citrus industry. As a result, Riverside is home to the California Citrus State Historic Park and the Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree, one of the last two original navel orange trees in California! The University of California, Riverside is located in the northeastern part of the city, which hosts the Riverside Sports Complex. Other attractions are the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, California Museum of Photography, and the Fox Performing Arts Center.

With Riverside’s lively and culturally diverse community, it is no wonder why citizens and visitors alike enjoy dance. Arthur Murray has been a vital part of the dance community in Riverside. We hope to celebrate with you the joy of living in this beautiful city and improve your quality of life even more. Call us today to schedule your first lesson with us.