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Become a Lindy Hopper with Arthur Murray Dance Studio

The Lindy — also known as the Lindy Hop — is an authentically American dance style that fuses elements of jazz, tap, and more to create a fun and unique dance that has been entertaining audiences for nearly 90 years. Born in Harlem in the 1920’s and remaining popular through the 1940’s, this swing-style dance is woven into the fabric of American history. The Lindy is everything a dance should be: light, fun, energetic, enjoyable to do, and perhaps even more enjoyable to watch. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, our instructors are Lindy experts and are passionate about teaching this special dance. Take a dive into a dance from the past and call us to schedule your Lindy dance classes at one of our California studios.

About the Lindy Hop

The Lindy is considered a jazz dance, fitting into the subcategory of swing dance. While there is a certain organization to the Lindy, it is highly improvisational and social, essentially providing freedom within structure; it is a fantastic choice for dancers looking to truly express themselves. Like most American dances, the Lindy is a mixture of many things. Jazz, tap, the breakaway, and even the Charleston appear to inform its style. It combines movements from African-American dances with the eight-count structure common to European partner dances and also takes elements of both partnered and solo dance to create a look that was revolutionary for its time and remains rather unique to this day.

When people picture the Lindy and other swing dances, they tend to picture wild, acrobatic moves. While you can certainly get to that point, most of the movements needed to dance the Lindy are incredibly accessible and great for even beginner dancers. Our instructors have spent years studying and practicing the Lindy and know exactly how to make you feel comfortable as you learn the movements.

The teachers here at Arthur Murray Dance Studios love to teach the Lindy, as it is such a fun and invigorating dance. Because of the social nature of the dance, students tend to let loose and really give themselves to it. Our instructors also enjoy how easy it is to get into this particular dance; the basic moves come quickly, and while there is plenty of room for challenge and growth, you can feel confident in your abilities right away.

The History of the Lindy

The exact history of the Lindy is shrouded in a bit of mystery. It emerged from several different dances and dance styles that were popular at the time, becoming known as a distinct dance by 1927. There is some debate regarding which dances gave the most inspiration to the Lindy, with many dance enthusiasts feeling that the Texas Tommy had the greatest amount of influence over the dance. Also controversial is the origins of its name — though most attribute it to the obsession over Charles Lindbergh in the late 1920’s.

While the Lindy would eventually become known for its wild, acrobatic routines, that is actually rather removed from its roots; those show-stopping moves were not incorporated until white audiences began traveling to Harlem to watch black dancers for casual entertainment. The instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios like to honor the full history of the dance, starting with its basic moves — such as groove-walking and triple-step — and moving on to more complex movements — such as “over-the-head” and “the snatch” — as their students grow in their abilities.

Another important aspect of the Lindy in terms of its history is why the dance was performed. While many styles of dance are either meant for the stage or for social settings, the Lindy found itself at home in both. It is a dance that could be seen at parties and clubs as well as being performed by professional troupes for entertainment. And since we believe in looking at the complete picture of the dance, Arthur Murray Dance Studio instructors are fully prepared to help you feel confident dancing socially or professionally.

Get Ready to Learn the Lindy

Prepping for learning the Lindy is simple because there is not much you need in terms of gear; the most important item is the right pair of shoes. For men, captoe shoes are a good choice; it is best to opt for those with raw leather soles. However, any casual dance shoe should be fine for learning. For women, the student will need to decide if she wants flats, wedges, or heels. Leather soles are still recommended, though dance rubber is an excellent alternative. As far as outfits go, all you need for learning the Lindy is to be comfortable, so any athletic gear will do. Should you wish to compete, you will eventually need to purchase something with a little more flair.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios offers California Lindy classes for three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With each level, the moves get a bit more complicated and theatrical. However, you should never feel intimidated even as you advance through the classes; the instructors work hard to make sure that your goals are accessible and that you make steady progress by carefully modeling the moves and guiding you through the steps.

Since there is a big swing dancing community here in California, you will never lack for an opportunity to put your skills to use. There are always dances, events, and even swing dance troupes you can join. Learning the Lindy can open up a world of opportunities.

Why Arthur Murray Dance Studios is the Right Choice for You

Why do clients always come back to us? Beyond being experts in the Lindy, we also offer incredible studio space that is bright, open, and gives you the freedom you need to move and express yourself. The studio is stocked with everything you need, including props for specific dances, and the only thing you really need to supply are the shoes and your clothes. Offering chances to participate in the Medal Ball, Showcase, and Dance-o-Rama, we also give you the chance to apply what you learn beyond your classes. Whether you want to learn as a group, as a couple, or one-on-one, we offer the classes that suit your needs.

Be On Your Way to Learning the Lindy

Now is the time for you to learn a dance that is part of American history. This fun dance is calling your name, and the instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios are here to help you answer that call. We would be honored for you to study with us. Contact us today and get started with an introductory lesson for only $20. You’ll be glad you did!

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