mickey earsHow did you hear about Arthur Murray? Many of our students visited the studio for the first time as a Guest! We know that trying something new can cause a little bit of anxiety, so having a friend on the “inside” makes adding a new activity even more fun! Here are a few tips on how to bring a guest to the studio.

How to bring a guest!

Go through your contact list- We know that everyone could benefit from dancing, so there are several criteria you could look for when inviting a guest:

  • Have they asked you about your dancing? Invite them!
  • Do they have an impending event like a wedding, or cruise? Invite them!
  • Have they gone through some life changes like empty nesting or divorce? Invite them!
  • Is there someone you would like to see more of? Invite them!


Should you wait until there is a Guest Open House?

  • You can, but why should they have to wait to enjoy dancing?! Guest Open Houses are fun and give a little insight into how Arthur Murray teaches, so if it is coming up quickly bring your friend. You can also bring your friend to any New Student Class and/or Party.

How do I make sure that they don’t chicken out?

  • Meet them before their first visit at a nearby restaurant, or pick them up!

Once they are at the studio who should they meet?

  • EVERYBODY! Especially the New Student Counselor and New Student Teachers, any other new students you know and a few of the studio “cheerleaders” (the students who have been coming forever, love talking about Arthur Murray, and will encourage new faces).

Don’t let them leave before:

  • They have sweat on the dance floor
  • Danced with a few teachers
  • Scheduled their first lesson with the receptionist

We look forward to meeting your next Guest!