Your instructors are always trying to inspire you to imagine more for you and your dancing, but what inspires them?

We’ve asked some of your teachers about their favorite dance scenes from movies and what inspired them about it.

Christina Campbell – Counselor in the Orange Studio
“Funny Face” Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire dancing in a dark room.

blog 1
“It’s really cute because it’s the first time you see her loosen up. And he’s literally sweeping her off her feet! That’s how it should be done.”

Landon Zepeda – Instructor in the San Diego Studio
“Swing Kids”

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“I loved watching the kids doing all kinds of crazy swing tricks. I saw it when I was young and it made me realize what dancing could be and the craziness of it all.”

Kristen Chmelnitzki – Instructor in the Lake Forest Studio
“Take the Lead” finale tango with three dancers.

blog 3
“It’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Great music. Cool tricks. Very dramatic. Two guys. What’s better?”

Shannon Sakamoto – Instructor at the Orange Studio
“Strictly Ballroom” paso doble scene.

blog 4
“I love the music. The drama. You don’t even need music to dance. You can use your own rhythm.”

Matt Carr – Counselor in the Costa Mesa Studio
“The Princess and the Frog” tango scene.

blog 5
“There’s this hysterical scene where this super short guy is dancing a tango with a really tall chick, and it looks really awkward but he doesn’t even care because he’s so into it. It’s awesome.”

Sean Casaol – Instructor in the Lake Forest Studio
“Magic Mike XXL” Channing Tatum’s handstand.

blog 6
“It’s the perfect display of masculinity and athleticism. #dancegoals.”

Anthony Encino – Supervisor of the Riverside Studio
“Saturday Night Fever” John Travolta’s iconic disco moves.

blog 7
“He clears a dance floor with his dance moves! It’s the first time I ever saw anything like that. My mom liked that movie so much she named me after his character.”

Liz Fabrigas – Area 7 Administrator
“Dirty Dancing” mambo.

blog 8
“It’s classic. Iconic. It can be recreated so many times and it can still give me chills… Unless it’s bad. No chills. No go.”