Have you ever had one of those days where you just need to kick back with a blushing glass of red? As with our favorite activity, dancing, wine is a great way to unwind, and it may just be good for us. We’ve all heard it before – a glass of wine a day does wonders for your health. A slew of scientific research seems to back up this belief, but before we get wine crazy it’s worth looking at all the facts. Since more research is available concerning red wine over white, we’ll be referring to red wine for the purposes of this article. So let’s examine how dancing and moderate wine drinking stack up when comparing their effects on various areas of the body in order to choose which is a better daily habit – a glass of wine or a dance session.

The Brain

Red wine tannins contain special flavonoids, called procyanidins, which protect the heart and help keep blood vessels flexible, open and healthy in general. Because of this, a good blood flow to the brain is promoted, reducing the risks of stroke and dementia. Dancing is also a great gift to your brain. When you learn to dance, your brain works as vigorously as the rest of your body – memorizing your routine and anticipating your next step. So, wine vs. dance, which wins in the brain category? Dance! While moderate consumption of wine may keep your blood vessels healthy, a bit too much will make your mind fuzzy and dull. Dance is guaranteed to keep your mind active, alert and young.

The Heart

Research shows that those who drink a glass of wine daily have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood, which protects the heart from coronary disease. Dancing is an aerobic exercise that keeps the blood oxidized and flowing freely, the type of exercise the body needs on a daily basis to stay fit and healthy and keep our heart strong. So for the sake of our heart, wine or dance? Dance! Wine might increase antioxidant levels in your blood, but dance improves the overall condition of your heart.\

Weight Management

Dancing is an excellent exercise that, along with a sensible diet, aids in weight management. Dance also reduces stress levels and may help combat depression, both of which can actually lead to weight gain. This is a similarity wine shares with dance in this field – research suggests that moderate wine consumption may also lower the risks for depression and reduce stress. But that is the only way in which wine may help you manage your weight! After all, wine has calories and is an alcoholic beverage, and alcohol is known to not only make us gain weight, but to add weight to our midsections. The absolute winner of weight management is dance, of course!

From everything scientific research, common sense and our own experiences tell us, a daily dose of dance is far better for you than a daily glass of wine. Resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of red grapes, is said to be one of the key elements that gives wine its reputation for preventing diseases. But more recent research suggests that this may not be the case in the human body, since resveratrol is quickly metabolized and eliminated before it may actually benefit us. That is why, along with the rest of the points mentioned herein, for our overall health and wellbeing a daily dance session is better for us than a glass of wine. It need not be a full, strenuous dance routine, just some moves that get your heart rate going. As a bonus, your mind and body will show you that dancing daily is its own reward, and it will be enough to convince you that dancing is boss.