The Texas Two-Step — also known as the Country-Western Two Step, or even just the Two-Step — is a fast and fun dance style that is perfect for country and western bars, music halls, and more. While this particular dance is meant for country music, it is inspired by the Foxtrot, a quintessential American dance. The moves you learn studying the Texas Two-Step can be applied to many other dances, making it a great option for beginner dancers and those who are passionate about dance in general.

The dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios love teaching the Texas Two-Step because it is the perfect partner dance — fast, fun, and great for enjoying one another’s company. Our instructors are experts at the Texas Two-Step, and can make it accessible for beginners or challenging for more experienced dancers.

About The Texas Two-Step

The Texas Two-Step is a country and western partner dance where one partner is the leader and the other the follower — typical of most partner dances. While there are specific moves to this dance, it has plenty of room for putting your own spin on things, making it perfect for creative spirits. The leader determines the movements used, and the follower faces the leader and goes along with the movements.

The dance is done in a circle around the dance floor with the dancers moving in a counter-clockwise motion. The basic moves of the dance are very easy to learn because they feel quite natural — many dancers will fall into a two-step while dancing without even thinking about it. In essence, two-stepping is walking to a beat, and all you need to get started is an awareness of rhythm. This makes it perfect to learn in preparation for a special event, such as a wedding, which our studios are happy to help you with.

Get Ready To Learn The Texas Two-Step


Preparing to learn the Texas Two-Step is easy — you don’t even need special shoes. Any outfit or shoe will do, though there is something to be said for donning a pair of cowboy boots to get you into the spirit of the dance. This is a casual dance and comfort is key, so wear what you feel best in. If you want to go for a more authentic look, women can wear a gingham dress and men a simple western button-up paired with a bolero tie.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios offer multiple levels of Texas Two-Step lessons to cater to dancers with a range of abilities. Beginners will start by learning the basic walking step that forms the base of the dance. This step will be learned in the traditional closed position — facing each other and hands positioned accordingly. Focus will be on maintaining the correct posture and completing the movements correctly, without rushing or hopping.

Once the student is ready, the instructor will move on to intermediate and advanced moves, including starting from different positions. Positions that will be covered include The Sweetheart, The Shadow, The Wrap, The Skater, The Promenade, and The Reverse Promenade. As soon as you feel confident, you will be able to put your moves to work on the dancefloor.

History of the Texas Two-Step

The precise history of the dance is difficult to pin down since variations of the two-step can be found in many cultures throughout the world. Countries such as Mexico, Germany, Hungary, and more all have their own versions of two-step dances. With the United States being represented by so many diverse cultures, it is difficult to say just how the Texas Two-Step got its start.

What we do know is that it evolved from other two-step dances that were popular in the late 1800s and into the early 1900s. Some attribute its roots to the two-step dances created to match the music of John Philips Sousa, while others believe it is directly descended from the Collegiate Foxtrot. No matter which dance it was born from, it took its place in the spotlight with the birth of country and western music in the 1920s. As more and more dance halls embraced this new style of music, revelers needed the right movements to dance to it. And it just so happened that the two-step was perfect for this style of music.

Before long, the Texas Two-Step had become the quintessential honky-tonk dance and cemented its place in American history. Arthur Murray Dance Studios instructors feel honored to have the chance to teach this dance and work to present it both within its historical context and modern applications.

Why Arthur Murray Dance Studios is the Right Choice for You

The instructors here at Arthur Murray Dance Studios find teaching the Texas Two-Step to be a real joy because their students take to it quickly and feel great pride in themselves as they quickly become adept at doing the dance. However, the steps can become more complex as you go, so there is plenty of room for growth if you are passionate about learning it.

Beyond our incredible instructors, the studio spaces we offer are bright and open, giving you the room and freedom you need to get into the dance. Besides your shoes and clothes, the studio will have everything you need to get started. And with chances to participate in the Medal Ball, Showcase, and Dance-o-Rama, we give you the opportunity to apply what you learn outside of class time. Whether you want to learn as a group, couple, or on your own, we have classes that will meet your needs.


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