Across America, fans of country western music love the Progressive Two-Step, a fast-moving, energetic dance that puts an emphasis on fun and fluid motion. With its deep roots in the history of Europe and the Old West, this contemporary step is the perfect bridge between past traditions and the present day. Trust the experts at Arthur Murray to show you how to dance with grace and ease. Through a combination of private lessons, group lessons and party-like practice sessions, our highly trained instructors relay the joy of dance and give you the confidence you need to glide across the floor in country western style.

What Is the Progressive Two-Step?

The Progressive Two-Step is a partner dance that requires you to move, or progress, down the dance floor instead of remaining in one spot. It features a classic quick-quick-slow-slow step pattern common to all forms of two-step. It also features a distinctive series of rapid spins and turns, performed during the pattern’s two slow steps. These added movements, which require close coordination between the leading and following partner, help make the Progressive Two-Step an exciting, popular choice in country western clubs, dance halls and honky tonks across the country.

The Progressive Two-Step is just challenging enough to add a real sense of accomplishment to the fun of learning a new dance step. Arthur Murray’s experienced instructors understand the challenge and the fun. They will support you through every phase as you acquire the basics of the dance and gradually gain mastery over its more complicated moves.

History Of
The Dance

The short steps that characterize the Progressive Two-Step have their origins in the minuet, a French ballroom dance created in the 1700s. Like all two-steps, the dance also has roots in a French/Russian two-beat waltz step introduced in the 1800s. In the U.S., the Progressive Two-Step gained popularity among the settlers in the sparsely populated Old West, where men often danced together since women typically weren’t allowed to dance with men. In the early 20th century, a ballroom dance called the Foxtrot also influenced all two-step dance patterns.

The expert teachers at Arthur Murray understand the complex, fascinating history of the Progressive Two-Step. They also thoroughly understand the ballroom steps that have contributed to the development of the dance. This deep perspective helps make instruction at Arthur Murray well-rounded, well-informed and complete.

How Do We Teach You the Progressive Two-Step? 

At Arthur Murray, you will start by learning the basic quick-quick-slow-slow pattern that forms the heart of the Progressive Two-Step. After you have this pattern down, your instructors will introduce you to the variety of turns and spins that occur on the two slow steps. When you have a solid grasp of these more advanced maneuvers, you will practice the dance in its entirety, incorporating everything you’ve learned into one coordinated series of movements across the floor.

The Arthur Murray system gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of several dances during our introductory program. Instruction in more complicated aspects takes place during later phases of training. You can choose to stop after you’re skilled enough to keep up with your partner on dance night. However, you can also work to achieve higher levels of competency, and if you practice long enough, you could even become a professional.

The core of the Arthur Murray experience is enrollment in personalized private lessons. During these lessons, your instructor will show you the mechanics of the Progressive Two-Step, as well as the basics of the two-step style, and partner dancing in general. In addition to private lessons, you will attend group classes that give you the chance to meet your fellow dance enthusiasts, develop sound dancing etiquette, and try out the steps you’ve learned with a number of different partners. Once every week or two, you will also have the chance to take part in dance parties that give you the opportunity to practice the steps from your private and group lessons in a friendly, inviting setting.

The Country Western Dance Experts

You can count on the experts at Arthur Murray Dance Studios to show you how to dance the Progressive Two-Step. With our reliance on a combination of individual classes and group classes, our decades-long reputation for rigorous staff training, and our commitment to fun and affordability, we represent the total package for dance instruction. Everyone has different reasons for seeking out a dance teacher. Whether you want to express your love of movement and country music, make a good impression while out on the town, gain self-confidence — or all of the above — we support you every step of the way.


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