Western Waltz

Country music enthusiasts across the country relish the chance to dance the Country Western Waltz, an elegant ballroom step updated to fit country’s faster modern tempos. Count on the trusted professionals at Arthur Murray to show you how to dance the Country Western Waltz with total confidence. Our highly skilled instructors guide you through a fun, challenging combination of private lessons and group lessons that fully prepare you to hit the dance floor.

What is The Country Western Waltz?

The Country Western Waltz is a partner dance directly descended from the classic Ballroom Waltz. Like the Ballroom Waltz, the dance features a six-count step performed in three-quarter time. This step gives the waltz family their distinctive one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm pattern. Like the Ballroom Waltz, the Country Western Waltz also features a series of turns and spins that are performed as the dancers move down and across the floor. However, compared to the Ballroom Waltz, the Country Western Waltz typically moves at a faster speed and progresses down the dance floor in a straighter line.

The Country Western Waltz emphasizes a playful sense of grace, as well as a spirit of romance. The expert instructors at Arthur Murray have the solid teaching foundation needed to convey these crucial elements while keeping the learning process inviting and fun. They work closely with each student to ensure a positive experience from the opening stages of basic instruction to the advanced stages of polished dance performance.

History Of
The Dance

The Ballroom Waltz originated in Germany and Austria in the 1700s. Like a number of other ballroom steps, this dance came to America along with the various immigrant groups entering the country in the 1800s. In the Old West, cowboys and other settlers took these formal European steps and modified them to suit their tastes and local customs. The Country Western Waltz apparently emerged when callers at square dances started adding a position known as the Cowboy Waltz to the common repertoire of dance moves. Over time, further refinements led to the development of the distinctive dance performed today.

As devoted students of dance history, the instructors at Arthur Murray have a thorough understanding of the connection between the Ballroom Waltz and the Country Western Waltz. They use this understanding to convey a clear sense of the similarities and differences between the two dances. In turn, this enhanced perspective contributes directly to the quality of the teaching you receive on the dance floor.

How Do We Teach You the Country Western Waltz?

At Arthur Murray, instruction in the Country Western Waltz starts with the one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm common to all waltzes. Once you develop a feel for this rhythm, your instructors will show the spins and turns performed as you move down the dance floor. As your training progresses, you will gradually integrate the various steps and maneuvers until you achieve the smooth, graceful style that makes the Country Western Waltz such a popular dance option.

You will receive an introduction to the basics of this and other country western dances as part of the first phase of enrollment in the Arthur Murray system. As you progress through this system, you’ll have the opportunity to determine just how far your skills advance. Some students just want to dance well enough to hold their own at a honky tonk, club, or dance hall. However, others seek to acquire competition-level skills, or even to become instructors themselves.

Arthur Murray uses a combination of private lessons and group lessons to help you achieve your objectives. The private lessons are the heart of your training. During these sessions, you will learn the basic mechanics of waltzes in general and the Country Western Waltz in particular. The group lessons further enhance your experience by giving you the opportunity to increase your mastery, dance with other students learning the same steps, and practice the etiquette required to contribute positively to a public dance environment. Arthur Murray also conducts regular dance parties that give you the chance to try out your new skills in a friendly setting that’s similar to what you’ll find when you head out for a night on the town.

Why Choose Arthur Murray?

Arthur Murray provides you with a unique opportunity to learn the Country Western Waltz in a supportive, affordable setting. While most dance instruction companies never verify their staffers’ knowledge of the dances they teach, we exclusively hire teachers with a proven dance background. And our instructors are not only knowledgeable: They love their work and seek to pass that passion on to every student enrolled in their programs. During each lesson, you will receive clear information and helpful feedback that encourages you to achieve your goal of basic competence or dance mastery.

For a low cost of just $20, you can take an introductory lesson that shows you the basics of the Country Western Waltz, as well as a range of other country western dance steps. After completing this lesson, you can continue on to additional private and group lessons that hone your skills and increase your confidence on the dance floor. You can also go even further and develop the advanced skills required for true dance expertise. However far you wish to go, Arthur Murray’s instructors will be there to support you and provide guidance.


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