Country Shuffle

The Country Shuffle dance is all about letting loose and having fun. It is a great beginner/intermediate dance in which dancers quickly move around the floor counterclockwise. This dance is ideal for pairs, you just need to be good at not stepping on each other’s toes. Today, Country Shuffle is predominantly danced to country western songs and you can easily recognize its music, by a fast-paced tune with 4 counts to the measure.

If you want to learn the Country Shuffle, don’t hesitate to enroll in a training program. This will help you kick-start your journey even if you have no idea what Country Shuffle entails. It can be difficult to understand the difference between the Country Shuffle and other Western Country dancing styles. There are many overlapping features in Polka, Texas Two-Step and Nightclub Two-Step. This sometimes creates confusion among students, which can cause the dance to lose some of its original flavor.

What Is The Country Shuffle?

The Country Shuffle is a country western version of the Polka characterized by use of less hopping and a more fluid step than the Polka. It is also sometimes called the double two-step, as it is made up of a triple step to the left followed by a triple step to the right. Its beats are usually fast and relentless in 2/4 time signature and has a rough tempo of 160mpm-290mpm.

At Arthur Murray, we have maintained a high standard for instruction by continuously refining our technique. We remain current with all standard moves of the dance, while eliminating styles that have grown obsolete. The Country Shuffle we teach is more suited to Country music as opposed to its Eastern European parents that were more inclined to blues.

Its Origin, History and Development

The Country Shuffle was introduced in America as a more relaxed version of the Polka, which originated in Bohemia in East Europe. It has remained distinct from its predecessors and the other forms of Country Western dance, as it retains its basic fluid step movements. Other renditions of the Country shuffle have sprouted across the world. The Melbourne Shuffle, whose movements include a fast heel-and-toe action with a style suitable for various types of electronic music, is an example of one such rendition, and is performed mainly to rock music.

Over the decades, Arthur Murray Dance Studios have developed a comprehensive teaching curriculum for all the Country Western dances. Our teaching methods for the Country Shuffle are not very different from those we adopt for the Two-Step, Waltz and Swing. This is due in part to their striking similarities, and we have found most of our students develop an interest for the Country Shuffle after having a great experience with the other three dances, and vice versa.

How to Dance to Country Shuffle


The Country Shuffle involves a series of steps:

  • On the first step, you stand with your feet together and knees relaxed. The man holds the woman along her back with his right arm, while the woman rests her left arm along the man’s back, pressing his extended hands together. 
  • The second part is a step to the left for the man and to the right for the woman. 
  • This is followed by a second step with the opposite foot for each partner, the other foot just coming off the floor. 
  • Then bringing the feet down next to each other, the man then draws his woman back with him as he reverses the step with a right, setting the left foot down before spinning himself 180 degrees. 
  • The woman follows, swinging instead on her right. The steps start all over again as you wheel around the floor, while remaining in sync with the music on each step.

We have several options of Country Shuffle classes: If you have a special event to attend and you have no idea where to start in learning to dance, we are there for you. Our stress-free teaching methods and knowledgeable, friendly instructors will have you on the dance floor with confidence in no time. Those looking to build their dancing skills, can meet new people and have fun in a friendly environment.

Our Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studio instructors help you develop your Country Shuffling techniques with wonderful people from all walks of life. We help you feel comfortable when dancing with any partner in any social gathering. Our instructors can even help you ascend to the pinnacle of your Country Shuffle dancing profession. 

We have the best spaces for practicing any dance. Our floors are big enough to accommodate large crowds of dancers, and also an audience. This is good for the freestyle variations of the Country Shuffle, and it makes lessons easy for both dancers and instructors. The large floor and wall-to-wall mirror provide excellent visibility, which helps the teachers monitor the students’ progress.

The Country Shuffle is a free style Country Western dance with Eastern European roots. It has gained popularity in the American music scene over the years, and has evolved to give rise to many versions danced to various music genres. Our instructors at Arthur Murray have studied the dance and its renditions for years, and we know it inside-out. We will get you dancing on the floor within no time. Sign up with us today, and be part of a fast growing Country Shuffle community!


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