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Are you a country music fan who dreams of learning how to dance the popular styles found at clubs and social gatherings across the country? At Arthur Murray, we share your passion for country western dance, a thoroughly modern collection of styles with strong ties to history and the dance traditions of yesteryear.

Trust our highly trained, enthusiastic instructors to show you the ins and outs of your favorite country western steps. Our individual dance lessons and group dance lessons introduce you to a whole new world of recreational fun.

What Are Country Western Dance Styles?

Country western dances are a diverse, lively group of dances that have a current and traditional link to America’s country and western music genres. For generations, fans of country music and western music have performed these dances at informal gathering places such as clubs, honky tonks, and dance halls. The roots of most styles in this category go back even further to the dance steps first brought to America by the earliest settlers and later immigrant groups.

At Arthur Murray, we specialize in country western partner dances. These fun styles, which differ from country line dances, are perfect for a night out on the town. Our highly trained instructors love the dances they teach, and help you join the party as quickly and confidently as possible.

Progressive Two-Step →

The Progressive Two-Step has its roots in an 18th century ballroom dance called the minuet. It features a quick-quick-slow-slow step pattern, as well as fast turns and spins. The dance is called progressive because you move, or progress, down the dance floor rather than dancing in place. The expert country western dance instructors at Arthur Murray will start with the basic elements of this very popular style, then gradually add details at a comfortable pace that gives you the confidence you need to maneuver on the floor.

Country Western Waltz →

The Country Western Waltz is similar to the classic ballroom waltz, an 18th century dance famous for its romantic turns and spins, as well as its one-two-three rhythm pattern. However, while dancers performing a traditional waltz typically zigzag across the floor, dancers performing a country western waltz usually progress down the floor in a straight line. The Country Western Waltz also moves at a faster pace than the ballroom waltz. At Arthur Murray, our highly-trained instructors are well-versed in this relatively complex dance style. Our instructors are patient with you, and they will walk you through every step and demonstrate how to chain the steps together in a fluid, graceful motion.

Country Swing →

The Country Swing is a relative of the Hustle, a partner dance popularized in nightclubs during the disco era. It features lots of turns and a classic swing maneuver called a rock step. Other names for this same dance include the Pony Swing and the 4-Count Swing. This easily learned style, performed in place, works especially well on crowded dance floors. With the help of Arthur Murray’s expert instruction, you can master the rock step quickly and incorporate the dance’s additional elements.

Country Shuffle →

The Country Shuffle is similar to the Polka, a dance that originated in Europe in the 19th century. However, it does not include the Polka’s classic hop steps. The Country Shuffle features alternating triple steps, with a quick-quick-slow pattern, performed first to the left and then to the right. In many cases, lovers of country music pick up this dance after gaining experience with the Country Swing, the Country Western Waltz and the Progressive or Texas Two-Step. Whether or not you have experience learning other dance steps, Arthur Murray’s skilled instructors will provide you with a gradual, detailed breakdown of this fairly complex style.

Country Triple →

The Country Triple has its origins in East Coast Swing, a relatively easy dance first created in the 1940s by Arthur Murray and several other dance instruction studios. However, this step trades the East Coast Swing’s in-place rock step for a walking step. This means that people performing the Country Triple progress down the dance floor instead of remaining in one spot. As you might expect, Arthur Murray’s instructors know this style intimately. They will explain its basic swing principles before covering the unique elements that make it different from other dances.

Why Choose Arthur Murray?

At Arthur Murray, we’re not just fans of country western dance. Unlike the staff at roughly 80 percent of all dancing schools, our instructors are thoroughly trained experts who understand every nuance of the styles they teach. With our combination of private lessons, group lessons and regular practice sessions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

What’s more, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started. Call us to arrange a $40 introductory lesson that will give you the chance to try out our entire range of country western dances and choose the step that appeals to you the most. See exactly why country music enthusiasts throughout Southern California choose Arthur Murray as their partner in dance instruction.

Dance Instruction That Suits Your Needs

Country western fans can count on Arthur Murray for expert dance training. Whether you want to learn how to dance the two-step, waltz, or shuffle — or want to perform the perfect Country Swing or Country Shuffle — we can help you combine your love of dancingand country music. No other studio can match our reputation for excellence, exclusive reliance on trained instructors, and extensive assortment of individual dance lessons, group dance lessons and practice sessions.

Contact us today for more information on how youcan schedule a lesson at a time that’s convenient for you.

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