Dances We Teach

Learning to dance is a fun and exciting activity to learn and appreciate throughout time. Our professional instructors are masters of the dance floor and can teach you how to dance within your first lesson!

Learn more about the different categories of dances we offer below. If you are interested in learning a specific dance and are not sure whether we teach it or not, please contact us.

Choose a dancing category to learn more about their unique styles of dance.

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Why You’ll Love Being Part of Our Dance School

My fiance and I took a few lessons for our upcoming wedding and I was truly impressed by Christina! She was so patient with us and had the sweetest, most positive attitude! I highly recommend Arthur Murray – Lake Forest, if you are looking to choreograph a first dance or are looking for a new, fun hobby!

— Andrea G.

This is one of the best places with the most positive and professional Dance instructors anywhere! You definitely get what you pay for. If you got the effort and drive to be motivated then they have the dance education to apply it. Head in over and sign up and change you life. :):):)

Mike Williams

This dance studio is spectacular for first time dancers like my boyfriend and I. We were nervous the first time we came in, but that quickly changed when the friendly, energetic staff made us feel comfortable and right at home. Shaun, our instructor, was awesome and made us laugh and have a good time. He was also very professional and we learned a lot in a short amount of time. Definitely recommend!

Kaitlyn J.