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Dance Country Triple with Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Country Triple is a dance with many names: the Triple Two-Step, and the Fort Worth Shuffle are all names you might know this dance by. No matter what name you choose to call it, the Country Triple is a jovial dance that you will not be able to resist. This Country and Western dance is ideal for line dancing bars, music halls, and honky-tonks. But don’t let the fact that this dance is meant for country music make you feel pigeon-holed; the steps and skills you learn as you study the Country Triple can be applied to many different dance styles, including classic ballroom dances such as the Foxtrot and the Waltz.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios instructors adore teaching the Country Triple because the steps are fun and fast — and ideal for enjoying the company of your partner. This is a dance that will keep a smile on your face as you whirl around the dance floor. Our dance instructors are Country Triple experts who can adapt their lessons for beginners or make them more challenging for advanced dancers. Schedule your $20 introductory Country Triple lesson at any of our California dance studios.

About the Country Triple

The Country Triple is a progressive country and western partner dance that follows the typical rules of partner dances: one partner leads and determines the movements and pace while the other partner follows along, reading the cues of the leader. The dance has specific steps that must be followed, but within these steps, there is plenty of room for creativity and putting your own stamp on the dance.

The basic pattern of the Country Triple is counted as follows: triple-step, triple-step, walk and walk, and it takes six beats to complete the full, basic step. The dance is done around the edge of the dancefloor, moving in a counterclockwise motion. If you are familiar with country and western dances, you might notice some shared characteristics between the Country Triple and the Texas Two-Step; in fact, these two dances are excellent to learn together. It is also quite similar to East-Coast Swing, but the rock step is replaced with walking steps.

The instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios find a lot of joy in teaching the Country Triple. Students take to the dance quickly and feel pride in their newfound abilities. As the students grow, the instructors make the dance more challenging, and love watching their dancers grow in their abilities.

History of the Country Triple

Like many country and western dances, the history of the Country Triple is a bit muddled. Since country and western as a style was developed as the west was settled by immigrants from diverse countries seeking a better life, many of these dances are influenced by styles and steps from cultures all over the world. However, since the Country Triple can be easily danced to both country music and polka, some have theorized that its movements were given to us by German immigrants.

When did the Country Triple become its own dance? This is likewise unclear. What is known is that it became big in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the 1970’s with dancers in the area modifying it and giving it a more unique look suited for country and western dance competitions. It has grown to become a favorite in country and western bars and honky-tonks as well. At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, the instructors work to honor the full history of the dance style, starting with the basic moves that it originated with and building up to the showier steps one might see in competitions.

Learning the Country Triple

It doesn’t take a lot to gear up for learning the Country Triple; you do not need special clothes or shoes nor do you need any prior dance training. When learning this dance, you are more than welcome to come as you are. While any outfit or shoes will be fine, if you really want to embrace the culture of the dance, country and western wear will do the trick. Like most country and western dances, casual comfort is key to feeling free in your movements and embracing the spirit of the dance.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios offer multiple levels of Country Triple lessons, from beginner to advanced. Beginner lessons will start with things such as terminology, dance etiquette, beat recognition, dance frame, body positioning, lead and follow, basic footwork, turns, and patterns. As students advance in the classes, the instructor will introduce more complicated footwork as well as some more daring turns and twists.

By the time you complete your beginner lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, you should feel confident putting your moves to use on the dance floor at music halls, clubs, and even weddings. Once you finish our advanced classes, you might be interested in using your moves in competition. And if competition isn’t your thing, Arthur Murray Dance Studios will give you the chance to show off your skills in recitals and other events held by the studio.

Learn the Country Triple at Arthur Murray Dance Studios

The dedicated instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios enter each class with the desire to not just develop your dance skills, but build your confidence. Your goals are their goals, and they work hard to make certain you are able to realize them. Beyond our fantastic instructors, we also offer inspiring studio spaces that are bright and open, allowing you to let go and give yourself to the dance.

As for supplies, Arthur Murray Dance Studios provide everything you need besides your clothes and shoes. We also give you numerous opportunities to show off your new-found skills at events such as the Medal Ball, Showcase, and Dance-o-Rama. Whether you are looking to learn as a group, couple, or all on your own, we offer classes that will meet your needs.

Get Started with the Country Triple

There is no time like the present to get started with learning this light and fun country and western dance. Easy to learn and easy to personalize, this dance is calling your name — all you need to do is give us a call to set up your $20 introductory lesson and we will have you triple-stepping to the beat. Give us a call today.

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