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Competitive Dancing Dreams Can Come True

Stepping up on stage to wow an audience and a panel of judges can seem like a distant dream, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone can learn to dance at a competitive level with enough dedication and the guidance of professional instructors like the ones at Arthur Murray Dance Studios. We teach dancers of all ages and skill levels. Even a beginner can start by taking basic classes and working their way up to a competitive dancer.

Competitive dance is not just about the trophies and applause. Besides the thrill of being on stage, competitions provide an opportunity for each student to improve as a dancer, performer, and an individual. The inspiration and feedback garnered from competing are valuable rewards for a serious dancer.

You learn how to work a dance floor, impress a crowd, and push yourself to master every step. They also give you a chance to connect with other dancers and members of the professional dance industry. This opens up opportunities to join a professional dance team, acquire scholarships, and gain valuable input – all in one place. Most of all though, competitions push you to achieve your personal best. They pull potential from practice and preparation, and the feedback you receive from judges and peers helps refine your steps.

Competition is Tough Even Off Stage

A great deal of detail goes into every competition both on and off the stage. There are around 200 independent competition production companies who organize and run regional and national dance competitions across the country. Dancers can compete in a wide variety of styles including ballet, hip-hop, and lyrical, and competitions can range from individual or paired dancers to large groups performing complicated routines.

Dance competitions can also be educational. New dance moves and observation of style or showmanship may give you a better idea of what to do with your own routine. Judges and peers are both valuable resources in improving your technique for another reason: they give you valuable feedback. Win or lose, competing gives you a chance to gauge your skill level and track your progress with every judge’s assessment or comment from a peer.

Why You Should Compete

Competitions can be very rewarding, offering participants the chance to demonstrate their skills and receive valuable critiques from professional dancers, but they also require a significant level of commitment. In addition to the time and cost of the competitions themselves, dancers must devote a significant amount of time and care into preparing. This includes taking lessons, and rehearsing style and technique as well as showmanship. Music, costumes, and routines must also be prepared.

Becoming a competitive dancer is akin to become a professional athlete. While social dancing can include a variety of styles, competitions rely on choreography. Dancers must prepare their routines precisely, practice them to perfection, and then execute them with a performer’s disposition. Without a stage presence, it is difficult to capture the audience or the judges. Confidence, skill, and presentation each play a crucial role in securing a trophy or dance title.

Since competitions restrict dancers with specific rules and requirements, dancers often must specialize in a specific type of dance and devote years to rigorous training in that area. Dancers who compete in paired or group style dance competitions must also practice with a specific partner or group regularly to ensure a team spirit and perfect coordination.

Preparing With Arthur Murray Studios

The critique and guidance of a good instructor are also an important elements of preparing for competition. At Arthur Murray Studios, we pride ourselves on our experienced teachers who make dance lessons easy for anyone to pick up. We know the thrill of reaching new goals +fuels a student’s passion, so we keep our lessons interesting even at the basic levels. Our goal is to build confidence and skill from your very first lesson.

From basic steps to competition-level moves, Arthur Murray Dance Studios offer programs for all experience levels. Our introductory program focuses on foot position and the foundations of rhythm and timing. After that, two levels of bronze guide you through a variety of techniques and footwork. You will learn new dance styles and develop timing and techniques to use in social dancing or to build upon for competitions. The silver program focuses on style and trains dancers in more elaborate movements to prepare you for the gold program and help you stand out on the dance floor.

Experienced hobby dancers and serious students who are ready to pursue competitions, exhibits, or performances will find the gold program a perfect way to prepare. At the gold level, we turn that hobby into performance and competition-ready style with a focus on choreography and showmanship. The gold program also takes style and technique to a professional level.

Students who wish to perform or compete will also benefit from our training in choreography and showmanship, both essential elements in dance competitions that require the guidance of an experienced teacher. We help you use your class time efficiently to prepare for competitions and improve your skills. 

At Arthur Murray, we teach a variety of dances. The cha-cha, hustle, foxtrot, merengue, salsa, swing, tango, and waltz are just some of the styles we cover in our courses. During class, our instructors provide valuable guidance to students with an eye towards improving timing and techniques. Ready to get started? Book your first lesson today.


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