Classic Songs with a Modern Twist
Sean Casaol

Guest writer Sean Casaol from the Lake Forest Studio shares his favorite classic songs that have been covered and transformed into an entirely new sound.

People dance for many reasons, such as exercise, competing, grace and much more. I personally do it for the music! Nothing’s better than hearing a song and letting it put you in a complete state of bliss.

Habits – Vintage 1930’s Jazz Tove Lo Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

This song is performed by a band named Postmodern Jukebox, who takes tons of classics, or even top 40 hits, and transforms them into vintage-sounding recreations. The song “Habits” is originally a great Rumba to dance to, but this band turns the song into a cool and classy Foxtrot!

Kiss Me

Now if you were ever into 90’s teen movies, you might know the original song from “She’s All That.” The group Electric Dance Music (EDM) has been getting more and more popular, so when I first heard this version, all I thought was, “I have to put this awesome Rumba in the studio.”

Let Me Love You (BBC Introducing Live At SXSW)

Trying to find a good Waltz can be really hard, especially one that speaks to you personally. This cover of a popular song called “Let Me Love You” by Mario does the trick. You could only imagine my excitement when one of my favorite R&B songs came on during a staff party – AND IT’S A WALTZ?!

Ben l’oncle soul – Say you’ll be there

This West Coast Swing is one of my absolute favorites. Literally every time this song comes on in The studio everyone’s like, “Oh my god, I’m barely realizing this is Spice Girls.”

“Billie Jean” Live @ SiriusXM feat. Jean Rodriguez – Tony Succar

Salsa dancing is a social dancer’s delight. Now when you combine that with music legend, Michael Jackson, you’re most definitely going to get your mind blown! That’s right, “Billie Jean,” an already cool West Coast Swing, transformed into a salsa.

As a ballroom dance instructor, I live for the music. It’s kept me sane in this crazy journey called life. When I listen to the radio I’m always counting the slows and quicks and seeing what dance could be done to it.

Be creative and never stop loving the music!