What Dancing Once a Day Does For You

Have you ever had one of those days where you just need to kick back with a blushing glass of red? As with our favorite activity, dancing, wine is a great way to unwind, and it may just be good for us. We’ve all heard it before – a glass of wine a day does

6 Tips to Making a Theatrical Routine from a Pro

Christina Campbell, an executive at the Orange Studio, certified examiner and smooth competitor, also dabbles in Theater Arts. This type of dancing centers on making theatrical ballroom routines that create an entrancing story. With carefully chosen music, costumes and choreography, a theatrical routine requires more planning than a normal solo. Here's her expert advice to

Famous Dance Designers and the Outfits They’ve Created

Dance and the Constraints Dress Imposes Until two-hundred years ago, dancers wore what they normally wore – their street clothes – though often in a more elaborate form. If the dancer’s dress in the normal course of events was a laced corset or a farthingale, that would also be what she wore on the dance

The Correct Tempos for Latin Dance

Latin Dance Tempos Latin dance is a distinctive but varied group of dances that include the Bolero, Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Pasa Doble, Rumba, Salsa, and Samba. Each of these lively dances has a distinctive style and rhythm. Like many ballroom dances, the tempo depends on the music, context and style. Competitions have specific tempo

Dance Festivals Around the World

Dance Festivals are for Everyone One of the greatest aspects of dance is that it is beloved universally. Dance is used as a means of personal expression, as a way to celebrate your heritage, and as an exercise to let off some steam with friends and loved ones. Dance is also about exploration – not

The Dancer’s Diet: What To Eat When Studying Dance

Dancing is a rigorous art form that requires plenty of nutritional support for the artist to attain success. Dancers who are in training, rehearsals or performances are fully aware of the energy and physical strength needed to perform. If you are serious about studying dance, you must learn to adopt a dancer's diet. While studying

Origins of Latin Dance

Latin dance has a rich cultural history rooted in the traditional dances of native peoples of Latin America. These dances were heavily influenced by European colonists and African slaves during and after European colonization of Latin America. The dances we know today traveled to Europe and the U.S. where they were popularized by musicians and

The Popularity of Ballroom Dancing in the U.S.

Ballroom dancing is no longer just a pastime for retired folks or engaged couples who want to shine on their wedding day. It’s enjoying its biggest resurgence since the 1940’s. So why is ballroom dance growing in popularity? For some, it’s a fresh and fun way to get a little exercise. Others need a creative

Torrance Grand Opening Feb 14th

Torrance Grand Opening Feb 14th               We invite you to celebrate the Grand Opening of our Torrance Arthur Murray location! Start your Valentine's Day with Dancing, Hors D'oeuvres, Cocktails and  Professional Dance Show. Festivities will begin at 3pm and will conclude at 6pm. We encourage you to bring Guests!

Coaching with Vicki Regan

Coaching with Vicki Regan February 3rd-6th We have the pleasure of having Vicki Regan coaching in our studios next week! You might recognize her from our 30 Day Dance Challenge this Summer. Vicki has held a U.S. Latin Champion title, a 5 time Canadian Ballroom & Latin champion title, and N. American Ten Dance Champion

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