Recap of 2015 Fall Forum for Dance Instructors

You see your teachers tirelessly running around the studio all day long. They might be teaching, practicing patterns, cutting music, wearing funny hats. They've got boundless amounts of energy. So you might wonder what they do in their free time... More dancing, of course! This past weekend, your instructors - as well as all those

6 Dance Competition Essentials for Women

Superama is just around the corner and we want you to be prepared! Click the link below to read all about the 6 Dance Competition Essentials Most Women Forget to Pack from the Arthur Murray Live Blog, if you're going to be competing next month at the Wynn Resort & Hotel in Las Vegas, 6

Olympics Super Showcase Montage Video

 We had a great time at our Olympics Super Showcase with 12 studios in attendance and a memorable decathlon! A big thank you to everyone that participated in making this Super Showcase a success! Adjudicators: Cari Jo Garcia, Juan De Dios Garcia, Daniel Heroux, and Urs Geisenhainer.

Benefits of Arthur Murray’s Master Classes

Three Bonuses to going to Master Classes How often do you get the chance to work with a world-class dancer and coach? Well, we're more spoiled than most, but one of the best venues for working with one is just around the corner. Master classes are Saturday, September 19 in the Long Beach Studio or

Why Work With Traveling Consultants

Why work with Traveling Consultants? Throughout the year your instructors will recommend working with one of our amazing traveling consultants. Sometimes you might feel like it’s daunting or that you’re not ready, but your instructors always have a plan and your best interests in mind. Often, reservations come from a lack of information, so let’s

Unique Dance-o-Rama 2015 Montage

We had a an amazing time at this year's Unique Dance-o-Rama! Thank you to all participants in making this memorable event a success. Enjoy this montage video of the competition weekend's events!

Olympics Super Showcase

Unique may have passed in a hazy whirl of sparkles and applause, but no need to fret! Super Showcase is coming to shoo away your Dance-O-Rama blues. Our Super Showcase on Sunday, August 16 at the Garden Grove Hyatt is the perfect blend everything Unique has to offer, compacted into one short day! Competitive dancing,

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Wedding season is upon us! We all know someone getting ready to attend or even be a part of a wedding. There are so many opportunities to dance at this special event - you don't want to wait until the last minute to prepare. The first dance. Father-daughter and mother-son dances. The entire reception! There's

Unique Dance-o-Rama Day Camp

As Unique DOR approaches, it's time to add those final polishing touches at our Dance-O-Rama Day Camp, Sunday, June 28 at the Lake Forest studio. You can sign up with your teachers for all levels of All Around and Scholarship practice sessions (Soon, because those spots are going fast!) to simulate the event and get

Orange County & San Diego Cookout Prize Winners

The cookouts were a blast this year as our studios met for an afternoon of bbq-ing and games. In San Diego, Oceanside walked away with the volleyball tournament trophy, while in Orange County, Torrance won their first time attending. Shannon Sakamoto and Mike Eich from Costa Mesa won the egg toss, while Cindy and Ed

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