5 Ways Learning to Dance Increases Confidence

Sooner or later, life is bound to present you with some difficult obstacles. Once you’ve surpassed these stumbling blocks, the experience can leave you feeling less like your old, confident self. Fortunately, you can take active measures to regain your sense of worth and belonging. Without a doubt, one of the most exciting options in

5 Myths We Tell Ourselves Before Dance-O-Rama

Dance-O-Rama is almost finally here! You're all signed up, the big day is approaching, then all of a sudden, these terrible thoughts pop into your head and panic sets in. Oh no! Luckily, we've heard them all before and know how to demystify them as quickly as they appear. Here are 5 myths we tell

3 Cookouts, One Great Tradition

This past weekend our studios held not 1, not 2, but 3 cookouts throughout the Southland. The cookout is an Annual Tradition held by our studios to celebrate the end of the International Dance Festival, a contest held by Arthur Murray Studios worldwide on a quest for highest participation during a 6 week time period.

10 Things That Made The Theater Show Awesome

  1. There was not just 1 but 2 Theater Shows! In San Diego County, the 2nd Annual Theater Show was held at the Carlsbad Village Theater in Carlsbad and in Orange County, the 5th Annual Theater Show was held at the Rose Center Theater in Westminster.     2.  There were over 100 solos

What Did Your Teachers Do Last Weekend?

What did your teachers do last weekend? Dancing of course! Once a year all of the instructors, managers, and Franchisees from Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado get together and participate in a 2-Day training experience called Fall Forum. With over 170 Arthur Murray professionals in attendance, the weekend was full of teaching and dance

Unique Dance-O-Rama 2016 at Disneyland

Unique Dance-O-Rama is outdoing itself once again! With 68 studios in attendance and a record breaking 17,000 entries it will most certainly be the biggest competition in the world! For the first time ever, the Unique DOR schedule has added an extra day as well as an exciting early arrival evening, giving it a whole

6 Tips to Making a Theatrical Routine from a Pro

Christina Campbell, an executive at the Orange Studio, certified examiner and smooth competitor, also dabbles in Theater Arts. This type of dancing centers on making theatrical ballroom routines that create an entrancing story. With carefully chosen music, costumes and choreography, a theatrical routine requires more planning than a normal solo. Here's her expert advice to

All Time Top 8 Best Dance Scenes in Movies

Your instructors are always trying to inspire you to imagine more for you and your dancing, but what inspires them? We've asked some of your teachers about their favorite dance scenes from movies and what inspired them about it. Christina Campbell - Counselor in the Orange Studio "Funny Face" Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire dancing

Gonzalo’s 10 Rules for Social Dancing

Guest writer Gonzalo Lara from Orange loves going out dancing. Along the way he's picked up some tips to make your nights out even better! Gonzalo's 10 Rules for Social Dancing 1. Manners: Accepted everywhere! The same rules apply inside and outside of the studio. Do it right, be polite! 2. Leave your pick up

Classic Songs with a Modern Twist

Classic Songs with a Modern Twist Sean Casaol Guest writer Sean Casaol from the Lake Forest Studio shares his favorite classic songs that have been covered and transformed into an entirely new sound. People dance for many reasons, such as exercise, competing, grace and much more. I personally do it for the music! Nothing's better

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