Three Bonuses to going to Master Classes

How often do you get the chance to work with a world-class dancer and coach? Well, we’re more spoiled than most, but one of the best venues for working with one is just around the corner. Master classes are Saturday, September 19 in the Long Beach Studio or Sunday, September 20 in the Oceanside Studio with Danila Kartoshov – a Latin champion, certified examiner and Franchisee. So, let’s take a look at three bonuses to attending a class with him next month.

1. You can get information on a variety of dances.

Master classes always offer a wide range of dances to choose from, whether it’s rhythm or smooth, social or competitive, there’s something to tickle your fancy. So, sign up for a couple of classes and get the best of both worlds. Learn some new cha cha technique, then improve your tango frame. You can have it all!

2. You can experience multi-level training.

Each class covers two levels in that dance, allowing you to develop more solid technique. If you’re a Bronze 3 student, you could go to the Bronze 2/3 class and explore more advanced concepts in patterns you’re comfortable with, or you could sign up for the Bronze 3/4 class and apply ideas you’re already working on to new patterns. Either way, you’re becoming a stronger dancer.

3. You get more bang for your buck.

Master classes combine all the best parts of our three-tiered system of teaching: it’s a no-pressure group class setting taught by a master coach during which you can dance with your teacher the entire time. Did we mention it’s an hour and a half session? This is truly one of the best values around!

So talk to your teacher today to sign up for a couple of these amazing classes and become the dancer you envision yourself becoming!

Danila and his wife, Nuria