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Arthur Murray Beverly Hills Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Studios is proud to offer excellence in dance instruction at our Beverly Hills studio. At our studios, we cater to many different needs from recreational dancing to preparing for a special event to competitive dancing.

Our excellent instructors are the backbone of our school. Each of our instructors endeavors to make your dance classes fun, informative and useful for whatever your dance goals may be. We are committed to offering our high-quality instruction at affordable prices and on a flexible schedule so that you can make dance a part of your life.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced dancer, Arthur Murray’s Beverly Hills studio has an exciting, educational dance class open for you. As a result, you’ll be spinning around the dance floor perfecting your steps and form before you know it.

Dances We Teach

Dance provides a special blend of entertainment and exercise and remains an admirable social skill to this day regardless of the style you choose. At Arthur Murray Studios, we teach a variety of dances from a mix of categories. We’ll take you beyond the basic steps to help you master Latin, Country Western, Standard, Swing, or Specialty dances.

Latin Dances

Ready to move to the rhythm of the Salsa dance? Latin dances are exciting, rhythmic and fun. Your body practically begs to dance when the music comes on. Originating in the Caribbean and Central and South America, the dances are vibrant and energetic. At our Arthur Murray Beverly Hills studio, you can learn the ballroom styles of Rumba, Samba, Cha-Cha and Paso Doble. We also teach the more informal forms of Salsa, Bolero, Mamba, and Merengue.

Country Western Dances

At Arthur Murray’s Beverly Hills studio, you can also enjoy dancing to country music. Dating back to the western music genre brought to America by early European settlers, these dances have a long history in the USA. At our studio, we focus on country western partner dances like the Country Swing, the West Coast Swing, the Country Western Waltz, the Texas Two-Step, Progressive Two-Step, the Country Triple, and the Country Shuffle.

Ballroom Dances

Smoother, classic dance styles make up the ballroom dances. These dances are elegant and flowing, featuring a more stable upper body. Among the dances in this category are the classic Waltz and Viennese Waltz, both of which are in the easy to recognize 3/4 time. Other ballroom dances include the Tango, Foxtrot and the Quickstep. With these dances under your belt, you’ll be entirely ready to dance at formal events or participate in ballroom dancing competitions.

Swing & Rhythm Dances

Enjoy the big band jazz music of the 1920s while dancing swing and rhythm dance styles. The style earned its name thanks to the rhythmic knee, hip and arm movements these dances involve. Among these fun, energetic dances are the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, the Jive, the Jitterbug and the Lindy Hop. We’ve also added in one bonus dance, the hustle, which has its roots in the disco era.

Specialty Dances

A mix of dance traditions and cultural influences makes up the specialty dance category. Including elements from both Latin and African rhythms and ballroom steps, these dances are energetic. Enjoy learning a range of fun dances such as the Nightclub Two-Step, the Zouk, Bachata and the Argentine Tango.

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Reasons To Take Dance Classes

Casual Dancing

If you feel awkward at social events because you’re not a confident dancer, some basic dance lessons can help quell your fears and allow you to enjoy yourself. Arthur Murray’s Beverly Hills studio offers a range of casual dancing classes ideal for helping you feel comfortable. As a result, you’ll feel right at home at a local club or an event where social dancing is popular. Courses for the casual dancer will help you gain confidence in a few dance styles in your preferred genre.

Wedding Dances

A wedding is a momentous occasion that often involves a special dance in honor of the new couple. Whether you only want to dance a waltz or would like to choreograph a unique routine to perform, Arthur Murray’s Beverly Hills studio can help. Our capable instructors will work with you to help you achieve your goals for your newlywed dance.

Dancing at Special Events

Apart from weddings, many other festive occasions and special events require dancing. Whether you have an upcoming reunion, anniversary party, gala or ball, bar/bat mitzvah or a particular party, you can be fully prepared to dance with the help of our instructors. Different occasions require different styles of dancing. With our professional instructors, you will feel confident and prepared to participate.

Competitive Dancing

Perhaps you have a background in dancing and would love to pick it up again and even participate in competitions! Even those who are new to the world of dance may have a goal to achieve competition-worthy dance skills. We cater to our competitive dance students by offering more extended dance class programs that get into more detail on the desired dance style. Also, advanced courses are also available to help experienced students perfect their abilities.

The Arthur Murray Method

Arthur Murray is proud to offer excellence in dance instruction for all levels of students and a wide range of dance styles. We provide an introductory lesson for beginners so that you can become familiar with the necessary steps. Following this lesson, you can make a more informed decision about your goals, ambitions and training program that will most benefit you. Certainly, you’ll be ripping up the dance floor at Beverly Hills area clubs and social events!

For more advanced or experienced students, we offer courses tailored to their level and interest. Let us know what your preferred dance style is and your background, and we’ll help you find the perfect program.

Over the years, Arthur Murray has earned an excellent reputation for offering quality dance instruction at affordable prices. Not only do we get students dancing and help them improve their skills, but our instructors make classes fun and entertaining.

Bringing Dance to Beverly Hills

Nestled within Los Angeles and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills is a city well-known for its celebrity residents, hotels and the Rodeo Drive shopping district. Residents of Beverly Hills enjoy great proximity to all of the excitement of L.A. and Hollywood. Also, many movies and TV shows also feature the city, including “Beverly Hills 90210” and “90201.”

Here at Arthur Murray, we’re excited and proud to contribute to the culture of Beverly Hills with our dance studio. We offer affordable pricing, flexible schedules and the best in dance instruction. Stop by or give us a call to learn more about our dance instruction options today!