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Arthur Murray Dance Studio near Jurupa Valley

Ball Room Dancing in Southern Orange County, CaliforniaEveryone has seen elegant dancers on TV, wishing they could be like them. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a graceful dancer, it isn’t too late for you. Yes, some dancers are born to be, but many dancers are made through dedication and quality instruction. Here at Arthur Murray Riverside Dance Studio, we have the perfect combination of quality instructors and fun classes to ensure that you can become the dancer you have always wanted to be. Forget being a wallflower and study with us.

The Arthur Murray Approach

For Jurupa Valley residents, there are many different dance studios you can learn at. So if there are so many different studios to choose from, what makes us the best choice for you?

We think there are many things that make us a great dance studio, from our instructors to our facilities. And our record of quality results speaks for itself. However, what truly sets us apart is the Arthur Murray approach.

Our approach moves beyond teaching dance steps, focusing on developing dancers as well. That might not seem like a big deal if you aren’t looking to enter dance competitions, but the truth is it does matter, even if you are only trying to look good on the dance floor at an upcoming wedding. Simply memorizing steps results in robotic movements, and oftentimes dancers will struggle to dance to new music.

But we make dance a part of you, as second-nature as walking. You will be confident in new environments, dancing to new music, and dancing with new partners. And if you are going to study dance, isn’t the ultimate goal to be a confident dancer outside the studio?

We are able to give every dancer the instruction they need to grow because we offer tailored classes. We keep our class sizes small and offer every class we teach at four different levels: beginner, bronze, silver, and gold. This makes it easy to always take the class that challenges you but doesn’t frustrate you.

The Dance Styles We Teach

The team at Arthur Murray Riverside Dance Studio doesn’t teach every possible style of dance. Our goal is to stick to what we know and love, and do it very, very well. We focus on partner dances that are both elegant and adaptable, allowing you to use them in many settings. Below are the styles of dance we currently teach our Jurupa Valley dance students.

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dancing taught at Arthur Murray Dance StudioWhen we picture partner dances, we usually picture Ballroom Dance. These dances are beautiful, elegant, and instantly charm you. If you want to become a sophisticated dancer, this is the style to start with. Among the dances we teach are the Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, and the Quickstep.

Latin Dance

If you are looking to both improve as a dancer and get in a workout, try Latin Dance. Fiery and athletic, you can transform your dancing ability while also transforming your body. While it may look hard on television, we promise we make this style of dance accessible to all students. Included amongst the Latin Dances we teach are the Bolero, Rumba, Mambo, Cha-cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Merengue, and Salsa.

Country and Western Dance

We love to teach Country and Western Dance because it is one of the most versatile styles of dance out there. The simple movements that make up this style of dance are smooth scooting and gliding, which works everywhere from ballrooms to dive bars. With Arthur Murray, you can learn the Country Western Waltz, Texas Two-Step, Country Shuffle, Country Swing, West Coast Swing, the Progressive Two-Step, and the Country Triple.

Specialty Dance

Couple dancing the WaltzWe love to try out new dances, and sometimes those dances don’t fit into another category. When we find a dance we love that defies labels, we add it to our Specialty Dances. Among the Specialty Dances we teach are the Nightclub Two-Step, Bachata, the Argentine Tango, and the Zouk.

Swing and Rhythm Dance

swing dance couple 2Arthur Murray was a swing king and pioneer of Swing and Rhythm Dance. And here at his namesake studio, we work hard to keep his dreams alive. If you want to learn how to swing, let us turn you into a Swing and Rhythm expert with dances such as the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Hustle, and the Jive.

Reasons to Take Dance Lessons

Our Riverside dance studio welcomes you no matter your reason for studying dance, or even if you have no reason at all. However, most students come to us to meet a goal or get ready for an event. Below are some of the usual reasons Jurupa Valley dance students turn to us.

Social Dance

learn to dance in social settingsThis is the reason we dance in the first place—socializing with others. It is why bars and clubs are packed on the weekend and why big events always have a dance floor. If you want to expand your social circle or get closer with the one you have, our dance classes will be a great for for you.

Wedding Dance

learn to dance for your weddingNo one wants to make a fool of themselves on the dance floor, and that is especially true at weddings. To give yourself the confidence you need to enjoy the next wedding you attend—or your own wedding—turn to us. We offer classes at all levels for the couple, the wedding party, and even all the guests.

Special Events Dance

While weddings are big for dancing, other special events have dance floors too. From birthdays to work parties, you want to be sure you are ready at your next special event. Our classes will help you leave your wallflower days behind.

Competitive Dance

dance competitively among other dancersWhether you have lost track of the competitions you have been in or want to compete for the first time, we have the classes that will help you improve. Our solo classes are targeted towards offering you the exact feedback you need. We want to help you grow as a dancer and cheer you on as you reach your goals.

Teaching Jurupa Valley to Dance

No matter if you consider yourself a natural dancer or not, our classes will give you the skills and confidence you need to feel your best every time you set foot on a dance floor. It all starts with an introductory lesson. Give us a call so we can get you started on the path to becoming a better dancer.

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