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Arthur Murray Dance Studio near Fontana

Ball Room Dancing in Southern Orange County, CaliforniaHave you ever watched someone dance and wished you could have that same grace and confidence? With the right dance instruction, you can. Believe it or not, while some dancers are born, other are made through a little bit of hard work and plenty of dedication. And here at Arthur Murray Riverside Dance Studio, we have the perfect instructors and classes to help you become the dancer you always wished you could be. Leave your wallflower days behind with us.

The Arthur Murray Approach

For Fontana residents, there are lots of dance studios to choose from. So you might be wondering why we are so confident that we are the right choice for you.

There are lots of reasons we are a great dance studio. Our instructors are the very best in the industry, and even after we ensure they are the best, we still have them undergo intense training. Our studio is beautiful, open, and welcoming. We offer a variety of classes, ensuring there is something to interest you. And we have a record of great results. But none of this is what we feel truly sets us apart. What does is the Arthur Murray approach.

What is this approach? We go beyond teaching dance steps and work to develop dancers. If you aren’t looking to be a competitive dancer, that might not sound like a big deal, but it is. When you simply memorize steps, dance looks robotic. Plus, you tend to be attached to specific music, unable to dance if the soundtrack changes. But we help you make dance a part of yourself, as natural as walking. You find yourself able to adapt to new environments, new songs, new partners. And when learning to dance, isn’t that the goal, even if you don’t want to compete?

We are able to craft dancer by offering instruction that is tailored to your level and needs. Every class we teach is taught at four different levels: beginner, bronze, silver, and gold. You will quickly discover that you feel challenged by the class, but not frustrated. And as you improve, you simply move on to the next level. Soon enough, you will feel like you were born to dance.

The Dance Styles We Teach

Here at Arthur Murray Riverside Dance Studio, we do not do it all. But what we do, we do very well. Our focus is on partner dances that are elegant and work in a variety of settings, allowing you to get the most mileage out of your lessons. Below are the styles of dance we currently teach our Fontana dance students.

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dancing taught at Arthur Murray Dance StudioTake a moment and picture a partner dance. Chances are the image in your mind is of Ballroom Dancing. These dances are slow, elegant, and graceful. They always feel sophisticated, and work in many different settings. If you want to build your confidence, these dances are a great place to start. Among the dances we teach are the Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, and the Quickstep.

Latin Dance

If you are looking to both have fun and get fit while learning how to dance, Latin Dance is the style for you. This sensual style of dance is super athletic, ensuring that you are really working your body while you pick up the moves. Included amongst the Latin Dances we teach are the Bolero, Rumba, Mambo, Cha-cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Merengue, and Salsa.

Country and Western Dance

Are you looking for a style of dance that works everywhere, from the local dive bar to an elegant ballroom? Country and Western Dance focuses on simple yet elegant partner dances. Easy to learn and easy to adapt, this is a style of dance that truly is for everyone. With Arthur Murray, you can learn the Country Western Waltz, Texas Two-Step, Country Shuffle, Country Swing, West Coast Swing, the Progressive Two-Step, and the Country Triple.

Specialty Dance

Couple dancing the WaltzAs you can imagine, we love trying new dances. But sometimes, we find a dance we love that doesn’t fit neatly into a specific style. When we do, we call it a Specialty Dance. These dances are a great way to get to know elements from various styles, ultimately finding what works for you. Among the Specialty Dances we teach are the Nightclub Two-Step, Bachata, the Argentine Tango, and the Zouk.

Swing and Rhythm Dance

swing dance couple 2Who was Arthur Murray? He was a swing king, a pioneer of Swing and Rhythm Dances who worked hard to make sure that this style of dance never died. Thanks to his work, huge communities of swing devotees are all around the country, with lots of Swing and Rhythm dancers right here in the Los Angeles area. If you want to learn how to swing, let us turn you into a Swing and Rhythm expert with dances such as the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Hustle, and the Jive.

Reasons to Take Dance Lessons

If you want to learn to dance, you are more than welcome at our Riverside studio, whether or not you have a specific motivation or goal in mind. However, most of our students come to us for a specific reason. Below are some of the more common reasons Fontana dance students turn to us.

Social Dance

learn to dance in social settingsThere is a reason people love to go out dancing on Friday and Saturday night, and that is because dancing is a great way to socialize. You can use it to connect better with those you know and to meet new people. Our classes are great for social dance, as are the monthly dance socials we host.

Wedding Dance

learn to dance for your weddingIt was bad enough to have your awkward dancing recorded on VHS. Now, if you look silly on the dance floor, the wedding video can end up posted online. But with our classes, you can head off any potential embarrassment and ensure you don’t end up in Internet infamy. We offer classes for couples, the wedding party, and even all the guests.

Special Events Dance

Yes, weddings are the big event for dancing, but they aren’t the only one. There are plenty of places you can encounter a dance floor, from birthday parties to galas to work parties and more. We will help you learn the moves and develop the skills that make you feel confident as you dance. With us, your wallflower days will be in the past.

Competitive Dance

dance competitively among other dancersMaybe you are just getting into dance competitions. Or perhaps you have lost track of how many times you have competed as a dancer. No matter the case, our solo competitive dance lessons can help you steadily improve. Learn and grow with us, and allow us to cheer you on the whole way.

Teaching Fontana to Dance

Whether dance comes naturally to you or you need more than a little help, we are the team that will give you the skills and confidence you need to shine. Your journey starts with an introductory lesson. Give us a call and let us show you what the Arthur Murray team can do for you.

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