Arthur Murray 30 Day Dance Challenge Week 4

Welcome to the Week 4 Recap of the Arthur Murray 30 Day Dance Challenge. This weeks focuses on Styling and Expression including Tempo Changes, Body Isolations, Arm Styling and Using Contrasts!

Today Bill Jacobsen uses the Interrelated System of Teaching to change Rhythms and make new dances out of old steps. This is a great tool for every leader on the dance floor no matter what level of dancer you are.

Today on the 30 Day Dance Challenge Victoria Regan covers what to do with your hands and fingers when you aren’t in dance position.

Barbara Ferchuk has some great exercises to share with us on Head and Body Isolations. Barbara and her husband Brent Smith (whom you met on Day 23) are the Franchise Owners of the Port Coquitlam in Canada.

We are going to work some new muscles today, in our face! Zack Stevens gives tips to keep your performance fresh by changing our gaze and facial expressions.

Jessica Holty gives us an exercise called No Touch/Touch to create more emotional dancing.

In today’s challenge Nick Manzo adds depth to our Smooth dances by incorporating Contrasts like height, width and timing.

Today is our last day of the 30 Day Dance Challenge! In today’s exercise Richard Myers gives us some great variations to improve our versatility on the Salsa dance floor.