Sooner or later, life is bound to present you with some difficult obstacles. Once you’ve surpassed these stumbling blocks, the experience can leave you feeling less like your old, confident self. Fortunately, you can take active measures to regain your sense of worth and belonging.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting options in restoring your personal pizzazz is learning how to dance. Time and time again, dancing has been shown to be a major confidence booster. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.


1. Pride in Mastering a New Skill


Professional dance classes are designed to provide the shortest possible path to skill mastery. Still, it takes time and commitment to achieve your desired results.

That’s because even simple dance styles may ask you to move your body in unfamiliar ways. However, with help from your instructor (and your enthusiastic classmates), you can succeed. In fact, before you know it, you just may find yourself gliding across the floor with ease.

Every step of the way, you can take pride in your increasing dancing ability. Whether you stick with basic styles or develop competition-worthy skills, your achievements will impress others.

Most importantly, they will impress you.  

2. Improved Ability to Communicate

Good communication is essential for dancing with a partner.

The great thing about dance class is that there are always partners available. Sometimes, you may hit the floor with your instructor. At other times, you’ll find yourself paired up with one or more of your classmates.

By interacting with a variety of partners, you’ll improve your ability to communicate with different types of people. You’ll also get the chance to practice important social skills.

But the benefits don’t stop at the classroom door. Long after your class comes to an end, you’ll feel more at ease when communicating with others.

3. Greater Self-Esteem

If you’re like a lot of people, the passing of time has taken a toll on your body.

You know it would be great to get in shape, but the motivation just isn’t there. And when physical health declines, a sense of self-esteem often follows right along with it.

Dancing is widely recognized as a great way to shape up your body. Why? Well, for starters, it allows you to exercise without feeling like you’re, well, exercising. Taking a turn around the dance floor can be a lot more pleasant than going for a five-mile run.

Even better, studies show that dancing is superior in some ways to other exercise options. That means you can participate in a quality physical activity while actually enjoying yourself!

But there’s still another benefit from the improvements in your body: greater self-esteem.

That feeling of increased worth stems from a well-earned sense of physical accomplishment. It also stems from the ability to control your body out on the floor.

4. Improved Ability to Assert Yourself

If you feel shy or hesitant on the first day of dance class, you’re certainly not alone. But just by showing up, you’re making a statement about your willingness to assert yourself. As you learn the basics and beyond, that willingness will grow, not diminish.

Part of this change is the result of how dance courses are set up. Usually, other classes are taking place at the same time. As a result, other students are busy focusing on themselves, rather than you. This should help calm your nerves so you can reap the benefits of learning to dance around others, which includes gaining the confidence for dance clubs and events.

Your improved ability to assert yourself will also come from the demands of dance itself. All dancing styles require clear, purposeful movement. When you learn how to move, you also learn how to literally put yourself out there.

5. Freedom of Self-Expression

At its heart, dance is about self-expression. Even though thousands of people may perform the same dance, no one else will do it quite like you. That’s the true joy and freedom of the process.

Even at the beginner stage, you express yourself through your movements. Of course, your sense of freedom will increase along with your developing abilities. Who knows, maybe dancing will become the most important way of revealing your true self. Nothing can beat that kind of confidence.

Need to regain your self-confidence in the wake of personal changes or setbacks? Dancing at Arthur Murray can be a key to getting back on track. And the confidence you gain out on the floor may very well echo through all areas of your life.